Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Story Tellers

Do you ever have nights where your kids tell you something & you think holy crap balls - what are we going to do about this?

Well last night was that night.

After Everett was in bed and asleep, Aubrie informed Jade that Everett got in a fight on the school bus on the way to school yesterday.  Apparently it was so bad that the bus driver had to have a high schooler break it up as she was driving down the road.

That was all we got.  No one called from the school, Everett never said a word about it.  So Jade & I are sitting there puzzled.  What the crap - I can't believe the school didn't call us & what really happened.  Did Everett start a fight or did another kid start it and he finished it?  He's VERY impulsive, but he never just starts fights with strangers.

So at breakfast we ask Everett about it & he claims to have asked a boy to move that was in his spot, he pushed the kid, and then they got in a big fight.  We then proceeded to threaten him with his punishment that he'll get a spankin' with the paddle next time & if he keeps it up they will ban him from the bus.  He was devastated.

So after they left on the bus this morning, me paranoid of what they were doing, I told Mom the saga.  She suggested I call the bus driver, who happens to be the same driver that drove me to school.  So I call her up, and she is as surprised as I am, because none of the above was true.

They seriously embellished the entire story. 

He has been good on the bus, just a few moments of standing in the seat looking at the people behind him, but he just turned 4 so that isn't shocking.

So yes tonight, we discuss lying.

They are full of wind those two kids of mine, big windy stories...I wonder where they got it!  Ha!


  1. I cannot believe you made this whole story up just for a blog. bahahaha Those little liars. It comes from Ruby,I tell ya! If her real name is Ruby ;)
    This grandma would never tell an untruth.

  2. Wow funny that both kids were in on it. Do you think they talked about it? I am glad to hear it was untrue for both their sakes. :-)

  3. Oh, my goodness! Usually kids tell "stories" (OK, lie) to get OUT of trouble, not in it. Wonder what possessed them?

  4. I was going to say the same as Jeanie - most kids lie to stay OUT of trouble ! Leave it to your two munchkins to lie themselves INTO trouble !!!!!!!

    Should be an interesting explanation - don't forget to update us - lol !


  5. oh, i can't stop giggling. they are delicious. absoLUTEly delicious.

  6. I giggled, too, but after reading Janie's post, I laughed out loud!! I would say it is genetic!
    nana cam

  7. When I started reading this post, my mind raced to all of the other "stories" and things that they'll probably hear on the bus. Because most of the bad things I learned as a kid were learned on a bus. So glad that the kiddos are safe, except from their own doings. :)

  8. lol I read this and thought "Oh NO!" Saw the picture of Aubrie and Everett and could not believe that sweet little boy got into a fight!

    hahahaha, kids these days... what are you going to do with them? Great story, glad you have it documented to give them crap when they get older. ;)

  9. This is fantastic. I hate to admit it but I love the windy stories kids tell. Maybe they are like me and have poor memories & just determine to tell every story like it's the gospel...I do this frequently with your mom& we both know just to take everything the other one said w/a grain of salt b/c it could be totally true, but then might be the plot of the movie we watched the night before and we just changed the characters names to people we know in real life. I think I read somewhere telling windies is a sign of healthy imagination & superior intelligence...I'm sticking w/that.


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