Thursday, August 11, 2011

6 Months...

Yesterday was Ollie's half birthday.

We are richly blessed!

We've had 6 months of this smile.

6 months of her crazy giggles & hair.

Yes she spit up...spit happens.

6 months for the chub rolls to finally appear.

6 months as a family of five.

6 months of learning about the real joy of Down Syndrome and siblings sharing in this joy.

4 months of heart failure + a 5 day hospital stay = 2 months of a healthy heart!!!!

I just look at our children & I am just in awe of their beauty.  They fight fight a lot, they play a lot, but they love more than anything.

When we debated on 3 kids, we really were unsure if we wanted to take on more.  Now, I can't imagine life without these 3, especially Miss O.  God is so so so so good & I praise him daily for my life!


  1. Happy half-birthday, beautiful girl!!!! I love her smile - it's got me grinning here!!

  2. Oh I could inhale her a second!! Those chunkin' thighs .... yummy!!

    So glad Miss.O is doing so well and spreading so much joy:)

  3. Such beautiful smiles! Ollie looks amazing!!

  4. Happy half birthday, Miss Ollie! I love to see your beautiful smile.

  5. You have beautiful children, and precious Ollie looks so healthy.

  6. Happy half-birthday to Ollie and God's blessings on your whole fun family!

  7. Happy Half Birthday to the most precious little girl!!! Love that pic of the three of them together :)

  8. Half birthdays are the best!!! Miss O you look "Maaaaahvelous". You older sister is stunning and will be wowing the Kindergarten boys and Everett, well, come on, what a totally cool big brother you have! Ann {{Ollie}}

  9. :) all my love to all of you!!!!

  10. they are all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your kiddo's with us!

  11. Yay! So cute and her and Cal are on the same track with heart healthiness :)

  12. Happy half birthday beautiful girl! I am so glad I get to look forward to seeing your smiles here. And happy day to you and your family Annie! Ollie and Cora are only a month apart, and have so much in common so far (heart failure, OHS, 5 days in the hospital). But it's wonderful that those days of worry are now in the past. So excited to get to see Miss O as she grows. Thank you for being one of my favorite blogs!

  13. Your children are the very best gift God could have given to you! I love their beautiful smiles! Anne


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