Monday, August 1, 2011


I have officially warped my son.

His favorite color is turquoise.

It started last year. 

I know why he loves it.  I love it too.  Our living room is turquoise.  I love turquoise jewelry, turquoise purses, and even turquoise shoes.  It's true, I love me some turquoise.

When he started preschool last fall, he taught his entire class the color turquoise.  The teachers thought it was hysterical and odd that a 3 year old boy loved turquoise so much.  It made sense to us...who doesn't love turquoise?  I mean come on, seriously, it's a stinking fabulous color!

So today we were shoe shopping online for shoes today because his feet are growing at a ridiculous pace.

What does he want & insist upon?

That's right turquoise shoes.

I ordered these bad boys & oh man he's excited and ready for preschool.  I'm praying they are definitely enough turquoise to thrill him to the core!

Prepare yourselves Mrs. Miller & Mrs. Voyles.  He's coming back with a vengeance, and no he's just as hyper as he was last year!  Better bring your A game ladies!

Best of luck!


  1. Love the rain boots with p.j.s'- that's the way I like to roll too!

  2. I think turquoise is a pretty cool color. It looks refreshing in the eye. Your son looks adorable on those boots and I think he's going to look more awesome on those new pair. I love it.

  3. Those are some pretty snazzy shoes!!! lol...turquoise is not so bad :)

  4. Hi Annie, not sure if you've seen this blog so I thought I'd share...

  5. tell me you are a fan of
    daily pictures of beautiful houses to LUST after! ALL in, of course turquoise.


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