Friday, August 5, 2011

Pool Party!

It's DONE!!!

Here is the view from our porch.

This is our concrete patio.  I had all this furniture around the house so I just had to use some spray paint I had, and I covered my existing pillows in new fabric.  Mom gave me the pew & I painted it turquoise - thanks Mom!

This is from the deck looking at our back porch.  Excuse the cord - that's to the filter of the pool until we get the electrical ran soon.

Another view of our patio off the porch steps.

Thanks to everyone that helped!  Come visit us and take a swim!


  1. Looks beautiful! :) A nice cool oasis in a rather hot world. Won't you be surprised if Liddy and I actually show up on your doorstep lol

  2. It looks great. Very relaxing!!

  3. Perfect! Wish you were my neighbor. I'd be your personal pool pet.

  4. This looks great! I love the pillows.


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