Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome to the house of chaos...

Yesterday there was a show in our house.

Aubrie dressed herself in her finest duds & moved all the kids recliners to the sides of the room.

She magically transformed into a bunny.

Everett put on a leopard headband & bam, he WAS a leopard.

(I'm not sure what this new smile is about, but he uses it often.)

They posed for multiple pictures for their camera slinging Mom.

They made Trudie into a flower, and Ollie too.  Trudie was a natural star.

Then, they put on a play with the leopard and the bunny.  I video taped.

What you missed is they also brought out eighteen hundred stuffed animals for said event, and the play consisted mainly of Aubrie eating carrots & Everett eating pepperoni. 

It was riveting.

The best part of said play, I caught on video their ridiculous bantering & their smallish argument on what they were to be doing.  Oh yes kids, when you are 16, this video is going to be your downfall!   Love it!


  1. They are going to laugh when they are 16 and see the video, or they might get embarrassed, either way...this is what makes life beautiful, those little moments :)

  2. It is always always a parent's job to catch every single embarrassing moment for posterities sake. And for family dinners where significant others are brought down the road lol

  3. I got to spend a few such hours with a couple of grandchildren the past few days. Wish I'd thought to take a video or two! Imaginations were soaring; stories were huge--as big as the eyes of the tellers!

    Encore! Encore!

    SO funny how a headband can create an identity!

  4. You have the most adorable kids ever... oh and that includes Caroline - she's a little dolly too ! I'm loving the rolls on Miss O.... scrumptious.

    thanks for the smiles!


  5. Gotta love those creative little minds!


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