Saturday, August 13, 2011

Down's Upside

A beautiful blog friend suggested I look at this book.  I told Mom & of course she bought it for me because she's the best like that.

I posted the photo on facebook & so many of you wanted to see is a small snippet of the beautiful photography inside this book.

You see the book is filled with gorgeous photos of children that have Down Syndrome along with a quote from the child's parent.  It was made in I belive the Netherlands.  Originally it's in Dutch so some things translate a bit weird.  However, the photos they speak for themselves.

When we had Ollie, I received comments about how pretty she was.  That she didn't look like she had Down Syndrome.  I think it shocked some people that she looked just like a baby.  I think it is assumed by some that if you have a child with Down Syndrome that they aren't necessarily cute, and they don't look like their siblings or parents.

That's a misconception.  Ollie has all the bits and pieces that my other kids have.  She looks like Aubrie some days and Everett some days.  She shares a lot of their features.  Yes, she shares characteristics with 400,000 others with Down Syndrome in the US, but she mostly looks like us.  And she is beautiful.  Her eyes are stunningly bluish gray with freckles of white & some days a bit of green.  I haven't seen eyes like hers before.  Beside the beauty of them, they are filled with joy.

This book proves that children with Down Syndrome are more alike than different & it showcases their beauty in a very pure, raw way.  I am in love with this book.

Please enjoy & if you would like a copy - click here.

One more note I'd like to make.  In the US - it's Down Syndrome - note no 's.  In the UK it's Down's Syndrome - it's just something that bugs me because here it's Down, and Ollie is not a Downs baby.  She is a child that has Down Syndrome - people first language is VERY important to parents like me.  Child first, diagnosis second.  A large majority dislike the term downs baby.


  1. Oh Annie what a beautiful book! God's creatures at His very best! Love to you and the family. Anne

  2. I'm a child Ed. Major, and follow many blogs with kids with many different forms of cognitive delays and other different abilities. It's simply shocking to me how many mothers refer to their own children as retarded, or diagnoses first, child second. I'm trained not to do that!!!
    Blessing and prayers to you,

  3. What a beautiful book filled with gorgeous children just like your sweet Ollie Faith.

    My daughter and I just love pictures of her smile so very much. What a charmer you have been blessed with. All three of them are so darn cute and charming.

  4. Looks like a beautiful book!! THAT'S the type of book they need to be handing new Mothers when first hearing their child has Down syndrome...Not all the pamphlets telling them what may or may not be medical issues in the future....I feel I was given ONLY the bad, scary stuff. Nothing good. I had to dig that up on my own...
    And I agree with you 100% on the people first language! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Your post suprized me. That name/phrase just never entered into my head. Why whould it a baby is a baby. I do love your blogs and love learning more but that saddens me. When I speak of you to my other friends I can tell you Ollie having down syndrome does not come up much. She is a baby that has the same firsts that my Jack has (well she has more since she is older). Im confused by this post but I know my views are very different then others. obvously

  6. I just ordered the book for my Mom....she's going to L-O-V-E it! As I mentioned, my sister Julie is 43 and my Mom's been a huge advocate of hers as well as others after finding out at three months of age that Julie had Down Syndrome. My Mom was and continues to be (at 80) actively involved in the Massachusetts Chapter 766.


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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