Monday, August 8, 2011

30 Day Fitness Challenge

I am kicking butt friends!  I just wrapped up my first 30 day shake down with my friend & Beachbody coach Lauren Knight.

I have had HUGE results!

The deal was exercise once a day, eat healthy, and do one meal replacement Shakeology shake a day.  Pretty simple, but with 3 kids the working out daily was hard at first.  We took pictures at the beginning, at day 15, and day 30.  It was in the photos that I saw serious changes and so quickly!  I am stoked.

Anyway, Lauren has extended this to a 60 day challenge for her team so I'm going to keep on trucking & see where I go.  I am now a Beachbody coach as well, mainly for the discount & the fact I love the products.  I am going to host my own 30 day shakedown starting August 15th!  If anyone is interested in joining and seriously changing their body in 30 days please email me at

Information on the Shakeology shakes can be found here.  I am seriously addicted to them!  The chocolate is great!  I mix mine with water, almond milk, peanut butter, instant coffee, & ice - it's like an iced chocolate coffee shake - delicious!  It cuts my cravings, keeps me full, gives me tons of energy, tastes great, and bonus it's very good for me!

Also, so you know why I started this journey here is Lauren's fitness you tube video.  I actually met her last June & started P90X and Shakeology because I was so inspired.  I dropped 7 pounds and tons of inches in that first month, and voila I was pregnant.  I apparently looked a bit too good - ha!  Then, when we found out about Ollie's health I fell off the health wagon.  Now that Ollie is healthy, it's time for me to shed this baby weight & realistically fit into my skinny jeans this fall! 


  1. can you add dawn boyle to your facebook group please sis?

  2. where's your pictures? I want to see!

  3. Ya, I want to see the pics too!! If it really works that well, I'm in!!


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