Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blog Breakdown

I just switched my blogger to the new mode they have and I'm loving it.  How did I miss this before - you all are probably saying what new mode & it's been there for 7 months and I was unaware...anyhoo....

Along with this new format (no Mom I'm not switching you over just yet) they have given me the ability to see my most popular blogs & also common search engine keywords that have led people to my blogs.

I was cracking up because this month & annually one of my top blogs has been this.  It also drew people in with search engine results for - wait for it - boxer briefs.  I didn't even remember blogging about boxer briefs, but apparently I did and it was a super hot topic.

Seriously people - get your minds out of the gutters & out of the pants I was sporting when I was pregnant.  Hilarious.  Simply hilarious.

I don't know when I'm going to stop cracking up over this one because I really, really, think it's humorous.


  1. I have tried the new format. I am not as thrilled as you. I would like to say I switched witch but I switched back.

  2. I once made a joke on my page about people finding me by searching fattymoms dot com and now I get that a bunch by using the keywords naughty moms

  3. I switched some time ago. I like it!

  4. Annie, I can totally relate to this because for some reason my top blog has to do with a 4th of July post I did my first year blogging. I don't understand it, but I find it funny. I've been out of town and not cruising blogland, so I'm catching up! Ann {{Ollie}}

  5. I'm having my first blog hop this weekend. I would love for you to link up some projects. I think my readers here in the UK would really enjoy looking at your beautiful, typically American home.
    Hope you can make it.


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