Monday, September 12, 2011

Blueberry Eye

Yesterday Abbie & I took the kids to lunch at Wendy's.

Ollie drew in the paparazzi like flies - she always does.

As these two old ladies are enamored with Ollie's grins she's charming them with, I notice one old lady has a serious cataract on her eye.  No big deal.

After they walk away Everett keeps talking about "THE blueberry eye".  I am totally confused.  I said, "What do you mean?  She has blue eyes?"

He responds, "No, she has a blue eye, and a blueberry eye."  OH MY GOSH he really said that.

So I tell Abbie remind me to tell you about blueberries in the car thinking he'd miss the statement - no he doesn't miss a beat.

He then yells, very loudly, "Abbie, look at that lady right there with the blueberry eye."  Oh dear is all I could think.

Then I no longer felt bad because the old ladies friend comes back over and asks Abbie if she is Ollie's grandmother - ha larious considering Abbie is 3 years YOUNGER than me!


  1. I couldn't wait to see what this post would be after reading the title. The things kids say! But I guess no sillier than the things adults say (grandmother!!!)

  2. this very day I was asked if I was Penelope mom Thank you and amen.

  3. That's to funny!! Oh the things kids say.

  4. That's what Abbie gets for running a marathon and making the rest of us look like losers. I will probably never forgive her for this. and Janie, yesterday I was asked if I was Gentry's mom (by the vet...homeboy has to get vaccinated). I was offended. I'm pretty sure it's obvious I'm not a boxer...I'm more of a german shorthair/springer spaniel mix. howyoulikemenow????


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