Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time Management...

Since I'm on break from Ollie Faith Designs & Grandma RuRu had the big kids today - I had a hard time just sitting around.  I like to be busy & today I was praying hard for sweet Vada so I need something to focus on.

I let Ollie nap.  I would like to hold her all day, but she doesn't nap well & needs her sleep so I let her.

In the meantime I made her a blanket.

It's a fan-freaking tastic Amy Butler print & I backed it in a pale pink.  It's sweet just like her!

Then, I had to make the two big kids their own blanket.

Aubrie got a fabulous turquoise vintage looking fabric with hot pink backing and a pink A.

Everett is really into fixing things lately.  So I found him fabric with all kinds of power tools & backed it in turquoise, his favorite color.  He has a green E.

They were ECSTATIC!  You can't tell in these pictures because Wow Wow Wubzy was on tv & apparently he's a BIG deal in our house!!


  1. Love those blankets. I hope you are still making them in the fall when my neice is due! As always, your kids are the best models... Ann {{Ollie}}

  2. they are so cute!
    and Wubbzy is only tolerated when Daizy's on with the crew..she's where it's at

  3. Those are all so cute. Love em



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