Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rotten tooth...

Aubrie recently went to the dentist & came out with count 'em 4 cavities!

Jade & I were shocked - what the crap - how did that happen?  Then, we closely watched her brush her teeth - and we knew.  It doesn't help that we have well water & you forget the benefits of city water with fluoride in it for your shiny now we have fluoride supplements & anti-cavity wash to throw basically down the drain because the kids like to consume as much as possible at any given time.

So anyway, today Everett & I had our turn at the dentist. 

Why is it that when you get in a dental chair your kids go wild?  I'm leaned all the way back with my mouth open wide & hands in it.  I start to see the blinds opening & shutting.  Everett was messing with them...of course.  I was dying of embarrassment.  I wanted to crawl into a hole.  I finally tried the silent pinch to make him behave - then I got the ouch Mom why are you pinching me...kind of defeats the silent pinch purpose.  The rest of the time he sat between my legs on the dental chair about 3 inches from my face watching her clean my teeth - talk about a visit from h-e-double toothpicks as my mom says!

Ends up I have a cavity - I had 2 this fall.  Jeez no wonder where Aubrie gets it - I have rotten teeth.  Jade has never nada not ever had a cavity...of course he'd be that perfect darn it.

So when it was finally Everett's turn I went up front to nurse Ollie.

I could hear him the entire time.  He.never.shut.up.  I kept thinking gosh how are they cleaning his teeth?  Well they couldn't.  Then, I hear him touching the tooth brush thing & it's going rrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr and the dentist said please doing touch that and it goes rrrrrrrr again - then Everett says what is that?  Again, I was mortified. 

So the dentist eventually comes up & tells me that Everett has a place that could become a potential cavity too - fan freaking tastic.  So much for a week with out doctor or dentist or eye doctor or ear doctor visits.  Next Wednesday I get another cavity


  1. Samantha will NOT open her mouth for the dentist. It's starting to become a problem. And no matter how much we practice it at home (every day!!), she still chomps down at the dentist. They haven't been able to get a really good look yet, although she did let the dentist count her teeth (ahhh, who can resist counting??). But no cleaning, no real exam. Blah. Not to mention, we can't give her flouride toothpaste because she doesn't know how to spit properly yet. She tries, but nothing comes out.

    LOVE the silent pinch and the "ouch!" hahahahaha, I can picture it now...

    Sorry about your cavities. On Tuesday I go back for my 2nd crown this year. Urgh.

  2. at least you weren't at the gyn with the kids all up in your cha cha..
    ahhh...the silver lining...ha!
    and I found a great children's dentist...the kids watch tv and play video games while getting their shiz on...
    whatever it takes...and don't be embarrassed mama, my kids would have done the same

  3. I used to manage the office of a Periodontist. I know the benefits of good dental care... but I HATE going to the dentist. Period.


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