Friday, May 20, 2011

Prayer Postcards

It's been one heck of a great morning!

I was running around town rocking these bad boys!

Everyone seriously needs a pair - ultimate comfort - bonus good cause!

Passing out these...

I ordered 3,000.  by 11:15 I had passed out my 2000.  Mom was mailing a bunch in the box of 1000 I gave her & Abbie wanted 500 of those.  I'm guessing we've passed out about 2500 prayer postcards today.  Thank you everyone who took stacks for your churches, friends, neighbors, schools, hairdressers, etc.  Thank you to Jamie my dear friend who took the pictures & put these sweet postcards together for me - your talent is going out today to everyone we know :)

No matter what the Simpsons say...Shelbyville is pretty freaking fantastic.

Oh and of course the guest of honor was in tow.  She was eating up all the prayers in her name!

20 days and counting...


  1. Annie,

    She is just so adorable. Love to see her laugh. Ollie looks like she's punch drunk silly! Praying that things go well with her surgery and that she is better than ever afterward.


  2. Now what in the world do the Simpson's say!?! Twenty days! Those will go by in a flash, I hope. I love the idea of the prayer cards. Miss O has a lot of people pulling for her. Ann {{Ollie}}

  3. She loves her mama! I love it when babies look at you with that kind of unconditional love and happiness!

  4. Homer Simpson is no Peter Griffin , just sayin'!

  5. Thanks to your mother, several "prayer cards" ended up in Harlan, IN this morning! I can't tell you how the last picture in this post ministered to my heart. I just don't know any other word to explain it except "ministered".

  6. Prayers sent to that little beauty and her Doc. Will keep at it til I hear the happy outcome!
    ps-posted her button on my blog

  7. Annie,
    My daughter, Lydia, is almost 5 months old and she will be undergoing complete AV canal defect repair on July 14th. I have read about Ollie's surgery on other people's blogs and have been praying for her. Its a scary thing! I, like you, know that my little Liddy will be soooo much better afterwards(even though right now she's great too!) and will have so much more stamina to do everything that she already is dying to do. lol Best of luck! You are in our prayers! :)
    Heidi Ehle

    ps check out our blog @


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