Monday, May 23, 2011

Please Help Albina!!!

Albina is an orphan in Eastern Europe. Because she was born with Down syndrome, she is considered a burden to her society, an outcast to be hidden away.

What if that was my sweet Ollie?  It very well could be & I would do everything in my power to save her.  And right now the only thing I can do for Albina is blog & plead to you to help her.

An anonymous family has committed to matching dollar for dollar donations for her up to $5,000. So far, through the generosity of so many like-minded people, she now has $2,873 in her grant fund on Reece's Rainbow. If she receives $5,000, her grant fund will be $10,000. Enough to entice a family to step forward to adopt her.  Awesome...I think so!!

Go here & leave a comment to win an awesome...I mean I'd love to have!  All you need to do is donate a small amount - $10 to her fund, or blog, or facebook her cause.  Seriously you blow $10 a week at McDonalds - so do it for Albina!!


  1. have you seen Pauline on there? Oh how I cried begging Eric to adopt her...but we just can't right absolutely breaks me...
    maybe one day...

  2. I blogged about her too. If I were younger...


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