Thursday, May 3, 2012

Science Lessons...

Yesterday I received a mid-day email from Aubrie's teacher & I thought oh boy.

And I was right to think oh boy.

Apparently they had a science lesson where they discussed opposites such as push/pull.  They had to do a drawing rendering how this works. 

See exhibit A:

Yes that would be my sister Abbie PUSHING out baby Clifford.  And see the yellow bag - that's her pee bag - yep Aubrie expects Abbie to need a cathedar.  At least it was a sunny day in her hospital room.

Exhibit B:
I didn't scan it but it's PULLING out Ruby's (no not grandman Ruby but the cat Ruby) kittens.

I'm pretty sure her teacher had not expected the obstetrics & gynecology lesson to take place.

To further this conversation I asked Aubrie if she knew how babies got out because I have carefully & decisively avoided this topic with distraction in the past.  Her answer "Well duh Mommy through your belly.  Don't you know?  You've had 3 babies."

I had to fess up that it was not the true answer - so beware softball participants she knows now & will most likely do a public announcement at the next game even though we discussed it being a private discussion.  We shall see.

Oh and you're welcome - this was hilarious I know.


  1. Saw it on FB and just laughed out loud. You are raising a comic genius! Ann

  2. Oh! This was wonderful -- I laughed out loud as I read this. Children are so great!

  3. I love it. I hope her teacher did too.

  4. That is FUNNY! Who would even think something like this would enter a little kid's mind?

  5. This must be why teachers are able to stay in the profession!
    Soooooo hilarious.


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