Sunday, December 11, 2011

Workin' Man

Oh yes, boyfriend has some coveralls.

When I was little, I had a pair just like these, but I didn't wear them nearly as well.

He loves going along with them men.  The rule was you couldn't ride til you could wipe your own butt...

ummm yeah he's still not doing that, but apparently when you look this cute in coveralls it doesn't matter!

So you wanna know what he's doing?  Typical man work around here:  chopping firewood, feeding & bedding cattle, building a house - you know the usual!

And yes - he is supervised so no freaking out.


  1. Those are the cutest little carharts!! That's what all our men wear around here too :)

  2. That little man really rocks those coveralls! He just looks so proud.

  3. Uh, Everett, when you are here in FL, would you mind remodeling my kitchen please? It will be cool enough for you to wear those coveralls! Ann

  4. I heard they had a blast running through the leaf blower that Dad ran before they put up walls.
    BTW there is a pr of little Carhartts in the closet down here that might fit Aub.

  5. This is about the cutest darn thing I've seen in awhile. Some pinch that boy's cheeks already! Little kids in coveralls=adorable


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