Monday, June 20, 2011

Trying New Things...

Today Miss Ollie Faith tried something new.  Rice cereal.

It was not a complete fail.  It was not a huge success.

First, she karate kicked half of the cereal out of the bowl.  Not a great start.

She tasted it and her eyes got wide.

She decided to test it out some more.

After a majority being pushed out by her sassy tongue, she did swallow some.  

Go Ollie Go!

We then had our first argument of the day.  Aubrie proclaimed that she was a self taught make-up artist.  Everett disagreed.  A slap fight ensued.

They decided to make it a contest.  Everett would do his own make-up & Aubrie would style Maggie & Caroline.

Caroline was not having it either.

Maggie jumped in and they both got glamorous looks.

We decided it was a tie.  They all look fabulous in oily eye cream makeup!


  1. Everyone is looking just beeeyoooootiful! I'm liking those pink cheeks on Miss O and Everett has his dad's "man-pretty" looks so no makeup necessary for him! Ann {{Ollie}}

  2. Yay! So glad to see that everyone is doing well! We have had a mess of things happen over this past week and the last that I read was that Ollie had a fever. Glad it has passed!

  3. Ollie looks so wonderful. I just want you to know that I have missed you and your gang and I hope to reconnect cuz I've got my new blog up and running and it feels so good. I hope I get to meet Miss Ollie Faith in person someday. I am a huge baby lover!!

  4. When Maggie & Caroline move out, I'll move in. I could use a makeover and Aubrie is practiced up!

    Sounds like Ollie is finding out that a little rice is nice! Yay!

  5. Thats so cute..but one day your son is going to be after you for sharing those pictures.. ;)


  6. Looks yummy Ollie!! I don't think any of your kids need make up..beautiful!

  7. what little makeup artists you have there ;) what a fun mama you are!

  8. what a great post! :D those kids are so cute! Go Ollie Go!

  9. Hilarious! We thickened Cal's food and he seems to be able to control it better, just a tidbit that might help :)


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