Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Open Heart Surgery Day 5 - Going Home

I'm a little late in posting the full update, but Monday morning we were sent for two chest x-rays, a new EKG and a new echo cardiogram.

 Hearing her new heart beat & seeing four separate chambers on her echo were breathtakingly beautiful.  There is no other way to describe it.

After her tests we found out we were going home.  We were ecstatic!

She was admitted Thursday morning & sent home Monday around 2:00.  She went home on Lasix (removes extra fluid from the body), Enalapril (a heart med), Synthroid (hypo-thyroidism), and Tylenol for pain.

Since she has been home, she's like a new baby.

She cries.  I mean really, really cries.  I am being retrained on how to take care of her, she used to never cry so to hear her cry about puts us into a panic trying to figure out what she wants.  It's amazing to hear this new cry compared to what it used to be.  It just proves how sick she really was.

She kicks her feet clear to her head.  Yes, you'd think that would hurt, but she does it.  She's so close to rolling over from her back to her belly too!  She's getting so strong!

She is pink, really pink!  I had no idea how pale she was until now.  It's just amazing to see her beautiful pink, oxygenated skin!!

I just can't get over this experience.  I had feared it since October.  I had bawled about it, prayed about it, handed it over to God many times, and was so anxious I couldn't sleep over it.  Then, God answered our prayers.  He held her hand during surgery, he delivered her back to us with a new strongly beating, healthy heart. 

The five days at St. Louis were hard at points, but overall it was a wonderful experience.  We are beyond words blessed & look forward to sharing many stories of Ollie in the future.  Thank you for all your prayers & support, we couldn't have made it through this without you!

Friday she has a follow-up appointment so more to come!

PS - she has to be isolated for 2-3 weeks so as of June 30th the ban on Ollie Faith will finally be lifted & you will see us in public!  Woo hoo!!


  1. What a joy to hear her cry. God has been good to you and you are truly blessed with an angel and many prayer warriors. She looks so adorable Annie. She reminds me of her big sister.

  2. Oh, this makes me cry! Praise the Lord for her awesome progress! I can tell from her pictures how much more pink she is now! I honestly didn't see it before. Still praying for her and her amazing recovery!!! xoxo

  3. :) Tears, tears, tears.....but happy tears. God is good!

  4. I so look forward to reading about Ollie's next milestone and the next and the next and the next!! Along with plenty of pictures of course...she's just as cute as can be.

  5. Happy, happy, happy, happy!!!! That's how I feel about this!! An amazing and strong little girl. I was always surprised by how little pain Samantha seemed to be in. We went home with Tylenol, or something. Craziness. Your girl's a champ, and now has the strength and energy to do whatever she wants!! Yay!!

  6. I can't believe how beautiful and strong she is!
    I love the banner of the page the photo of her, her eyes are so shiny! sooo cute.
    Although I could feel her pain when I saw the pictures of the scar.
    I so happy for you!
    God is big!

  7. Reading your posts about Ollie's surgery have brought back a flood of memories. I'm so glad that she's doing well & continues to amaze you each day with her progress. Great job, Ollie!!

  8. so exciting!! she did awesome!! i couldnt believe it when you said you were going home!

  9. She is beyound perfect. So glad you are all home and that pretty little girl is letting her sassy side show!

  10. She looks so great! I am glad that your all home now. What a wonderful feeling to have such a huge ordeal out of the way!

  11. haha that very last picture of ollie in the outfit with the bunny on it...Lydia has that same outfit!! :) I guess that means that someone has good taste lol

  12. I am so, so happy to hear how well Ollie is doing! She looks fantastic :)

  13. So so happy for you guys. Isn't it amazing, that you're excited that she can cry now?! It was really shocking seeing the big difference after surgery. Because you don't really know how sick they were until you see it afterward.

    By the way, my Cora cried a lot the first week or two post OHS. And I've heard that from other parents as well. And it did subside. Oh, she still cries more than before surgery, but isn't as fussy. So hopefully that will even out too.

    Enjoy your little angel with her newfound energy and pink skin.

    Thank you for your beautiful posts, as always.

  14. Thanking the Lord for bestowing this wonderful blessing on your family.




Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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