Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ollie's Surgery - this Thursday!

The bigs aren't here right now.  It's just me and O in this house.  She's asleep in her swing beside me as I type.  She's absolutely gorgeous - her pictures don't do her sweetness justice!

As Thursday approaches, oddly I'm getting more and more excited.  It sounds crazy, but here is why...

Right now her heart beat sounds slushy if that makes sense.  A murmur so strong you can feel it on her chest bone.  Thursday - her heart is going to beat beautifully.  It's going to be fixed.  I can not wait to hear it.  I need to make my Mom, Ruby & sisters hear it - I wish I could record the before & after!!

Friday is my 29th birthday.  This year I don't care about my birthday, but the best gift I will receive is that Ollie will be healing.  On Friday the surgery is behind us and we are simply healing.  Healing is a great word.

We will be able to move forward.  Since October we have feared June 9th and we didn't even know the exact date.  Finally, that heart surgery will be over & we will know Ollie feels good.  I can't even imagine - my baby will feel good!  She will be able to scream her lungs out if she wants!  I can't even imagine her screaming right now!

We will no longer worry about weight gain!!  That's right.  No more scales, no more precious ounces.  I will just nurse her.  And she will grow as she grows!  Oh it will be awesome.

And the most exciting part is from then on Ollie with thrive.  We will get to see a beautiful rebirth in our tiny girl.  I can not wait to see how strong she will be and how well she will bounce back.  She almost can roll over now & I think when she feels good she will.  We get to finally start therapy & she just gets to live.  Simply live & thrive!!!  And my family & friends - we all get to live with out holding our breath just a tiny bit.

God is so good.  We are so blessed that her tiny strawberry sized heart can be repaired & that we live in a country where we can access that medical care!  Oh it is going to be a beautiful week friends, absolutely beautiful. 

Again here is her prayer card.  Feel free to copy, print, blog, facebook, twitter - This picture is yours for the taking! 


  1. I am praying for Ollie! I walked one and a half miles this morning around a little pond where there are trails galore! My Sweets runs and I am slow to pick up the pace so I talk to God and the birds and I enjoy the beauty of the Lord all around me early in the morning. I pray for Ollie. I know that doctor will have God guiding his hands and heal that precious heart! I wish I could be with you! You have become such a tremendous friend through this blogging business. I wish your family love and much healing for a tiny girl with angel wings! I often think God sends small wonders like Ollie because he keeps teaching us lessons. I love that aspect of learning! I think sometime these precious children are actually angels disguised as children! Let's watch the Lord work His wonders through this beautiful girl! Love to all of you! Now I have to see what your mom is up to! She can make a girl giggle! Happy weekend! Give Ollie a hug and kiss from me to her! Annw

  2. xoxo Anne

    Not enough coffee! Need to learn to spell my own name! Hee Hee

  3. I'll be anxiously awaiting the all-clear on Thursday after Ollie's surgery, and thinking of you as you go through the difficult and absolutely necessary task of handing her over to the surgery team. As one who's been there, I know how amazing the change is afterwards, and how hard our kids fight back!

  4. I will be praying for Ollie! What an amazing birthday present, Ollie healing!
    She's going to do amazing things once she can start therapy! My daughter did, I could not imagine how much a little bit of guidance could help my little low tone baby!

  5. I continue to pray for Miz Ollie and her surgeon. Praying also for you and the family.

  6. praying for sweet ollie faith! she will do great! my husband had open heart surgery last october and his heart made that same swishy noise!! now its beat is clear as a bell! yeah!! hugs to you!!!

  7. we'll be praying our brains out and thinking of you, especially, the night before. love you all so...

  8. I remember that feeling that of excitement.some asked if I was nervous and I can say honestly,I was not.I was feeling just For us,Zoey was really and truly fighting day to day to stay here with us.Never a smile,never a cry,for 6 months and just like that,extubation brought our greatest gifts... a cry and smiles.A true rebirth.So as Thursday approaches we here in California will journey beside you and send an abundance of prayers through time and space and we will anxiously await news on your sweet,sweet Ollie.

    *Our cardiologist calls it the "washing machine" defect... appropriate name for it,isn't it?

  9. Praying for your sweet daughter....:-)Hugs

  10. Annie, I have been passing out Ollie's cards at a furious pace around Orlando. Just leaving them randomly sometimes knowing that some good hearted person will pick it up and think and pray for Ollie on Thursday. I know you are all holding your breath and when you let it out blow out all those candles on your birthday cake! Ann {{Ollie}}

  11. Annie, I am praying for your beautiful little Ollie and I know all will be well....I love your post and how uplifted and positive you are!
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers on Thursday.

  12. I've got my card (well, Ollie's). I'm overflowing with excitement just reading this post! I think I can tell that this is not just positive self-talk, but genuine faith and thankfulness for the resources physically & spiritually that are ready to blend for Ollie's healing and the glory of God.

  13. Prayers going up for your beautiful Ollie from Lafayette Indiana.


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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