Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A new weapon & trip to the zoo...

Can I express how much I LOVE my pediatrician? 

After a trip to the ER & finding out Everett had a bruise.  Then, a trip to an orthopedic doctor who said a greenstick fracture...I had our pediatrician take a look at the x-rays and he sent us to St. Louis to Children's for a pediatric opinion.  Thank you Dr. H - thank you!

They took 2 xrays today & the lady walked in and said it's definitely broken and we need a cast.  He basically has a buckle break right below his elbow on his radius.  I was thrilled because if you know Everett - he doesn't know slow or calm.  Those words missed his vocabulary.  I have been petrified for a week that he was going to do some crazy run/jump/dive move and shatter his arm.

So they casted him up, and off we went.  We go back in a mere 2 weeks to have it removed!  Until then, Aubrie & Caroline watch out - he has a new club and I'm sure in the next two weeks he will slap someone with it!!

After the trip to Children's hospital I surprised the big kids with a trip to the St. Louis Zoo.  If you haven't been, it's fabulous!  It's free if you don't count parking, food, train rides, and the carousel which add up quickly!  We had an amazing time though with only one small melt down per child.  Pretty successful day considering there were no naps until the drive home & I was alone in the big city with these two ya-hoos.

I didn't tell them where we were going until we were there.  Here are the reactions which I had to capture.  No worries we were parked.  You think he's dramatic...

meet his older sister!

On the way into the zoo we stood by every single sculpture and got a photo  The kids insisited on it.  It also appears that Everett got a good goose on Aubrie in this picture.  Jade & I laughed  hard over this shot...he truly was just standing there, and since she saw the camera she was doing the face she makes when she sees a camera.  Perfect timing?  Yes.

Exhibit 2...camera face.

Somehow...I managed to capture mostly photos of my children with giant testicles...Buffalo & Elephant testicles in one day - nice job Mom.

Pa Stuart & Grandma Janie gave the kids souvenier money - they dropped it fast at Build A Bear, and the giant boxes plagued me around the zoo.  It was just too much to ask the kid with the cast to also carry his box.  They were thrilled with their purchases!  Everett got a penguin & Aubrie a panda bear.  Please note, she also brought Wolfie along for the day so she had not one, but that's right - two stuffed animals in tow.

Another hilarious photo shoot.  I tried to get a great picture by the tulips.  Everett some how shrunk to half his size.  Seriously how did he get so tiny here?  He's in size 4 and her size 5...why oh why does he look so small? 

They were pumped going into the penguin house.  I don't blame them, it is pretty righteous in there.  I seriously would like to touch a penguin in it - they are just so tempting that close!

See that tiny finger pointed to the sky.  Aubrie yelled out - there are the macaroni penguins!  This girl knows her animals and I'm always shocked at how stinking smart she is!  She told me all about woodpeckers on this trip.  I don't know what she'll be when she grows up, but if it doesn't involve animals I will be shocked!

We finished out the day with a carousel & train ride & headed home.  We saw almost all the animals & it was a beautiful day.  The kids said "Best day ever, but not as good as Disney world!"  I did good today and we all had fun!

They slammed snacks in the van & both took crazy long naps.  We arrived home safe and sound & I had some great stories to tell their Dad.  They say the funniest things!  I love my big kids and it was nice to get a day with the to have fun and talk together.  We needed it! 

Thanks Mom for keeping Miss O...she enjoyed her day with her two grandmas as well!


  1. I am so glad you pushed your mother's instinct. Poor little guy! He does look quite pleased with himself with his cast.

    The zoo trip looks amazing! Just about the right amount of fun needed by all.

    Much love

  2. So glad that all is ok with Ev! The pics of the zoo cracked me up! It's always good when you look back at pictures and find suprises! Looks like you had a great time and it was a beautiful day for it!

  3. Looks like a great time :) And the sun was shining...that always makes a day even better (we rarely seem to get those sunny days in northern indiana right now :(. You cracked me up with your picture of the kids near the animals with the large testicles, hahahaha

  4. You'd think taking an x-ray would have been the simplest, most effective solution right from the beginning!! Glad you got answers and he's now safe from doing any additional damage to his arm. Love the reactions when you told them you were going to the zoo - what an awesome mommy to dole out such a great surprise! I am just learning now how to make things extra-special for Samantha. I think those little surprises are priceless. :-)

  5. Love the pics! What awesome memories! Great job mommy, looks like you all totally enjoyed the day! Love the one with Everett goosing her. What a typical boy!

  6. Annie, I'm so glad that you had such a fun day with the big bro and big sis! I love all the pictures and have always heard that the St. Louis zoo is such a good one. Yay for the smart doc to get you pointed in the right direction with the cast. Ann {{Ollie}}

  7. ooo…I love pandas. Here I bought a cuddly panda bag (L) that I can hardly put it down! I believe it is a GREAT find for every panda fanatic! http://hkpanda.freetzi.com/


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