Friday, April 29, 2011

Ethel Edith Spring Show TOMORROW!!

Don't forget tomorrow is the big Ethel Edith spring show!

For all my local stalkers - Miss Ollie Faith is going to be working the show wheeling & dealing as well!  I plan to wear her around in her sling.  I'm guessing her hair is sure to seal the deal on many pieces of furniture!  Gotta train the kids young!

Come out and see us!!

Details are at the link above!!


  1. Good luck! May the nice weather hold out... it's suppose to be fantastic out!

  2. Glad you kicked that breast infection in time for the SHOW! Praying for good weather, fun, & much success for ALL of you. (Tell your mom I miss her blathering!)

  3. I cannot wait to see pictures of Miss Ollie working the floor! Ann {{Ollie}}


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