Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We are fortunate to have a son to carry on the family name.  However, I don't think carrying on the last name Reid seems appropriate if you know Everett at all.

Jade is for the most part a laid back easy man, so is his Dad.  Everett lives like he's on a Mountain Dew diet.  He's wild 24/7.  If you know him, you know what I mean.  I really think he carries on my last name, Fox.  If you know any Fox men in this town you are nodding your head.  In particular he reminds me of one of my cousins that I love dearly like a brother.  Some how all of this cousins mischief, was passed on to my child.  He is ornery with a capital O just like my Everett.  Perhaps it comes from the root of our family...the original Everett Fox.  Yes, I think that's probably the source of this.  Grandpa was the master of mischief. 

This weekend my sweet sweet boy did the un-thinkable.

He spray painted Jade's gorgeous navy blue work truck yellow.  Not once, but in about 7 spots. 

I had told him not to go out by the spray paint & not to touch anything I was painting.

Um yeah...that didn't work.  When I went out and saw he had spray painted parts of the lamp I was painting I thought dang it Everett Mason.  Then, I turned and sure as ever...spots all over Jade's truck...and the satellite dish...and the side of the house...and the grill...and his bike.

I about died.  Crap-oleum. 

I said Everett Mason who did this?  His response...leprechauns!  Seriously leprechauns!  When I spotted yellow spray paint on his cast...he was caught yellow handed...and he bawled hard.  I quickly put him in a chair to bawl it out before I broke the news to my beloved husband. 

You see, we do believe in spanking.  I was spanked as a child.  I have amazing parents and I deserved every spanking I received.  If you spank properly I don't think spanking is a bad thing.  BUT in moments like this - you just can't spank because you are too mad.  It's best to distance yourself from said child when the fury comes out!  Luckily, Jade took this incident way better than one could ever expect.

 For an hour Jade and I scrubbed and scrubbed his truck, then the house with scrubby sponges.  It all came off.  Everett was forced to work as well as his punishment.  He bawled the entire time.  He knew he messed up big.  He learned his lesson.

The only permanent damage was the satellite dish & the grill.  Since I'm a spray paint enthusiast - I had gray and black spray paint so I was able to cover up all evidence of said event.

Everett Mason is a handful to say the least.  As wild as he is, he exceeds that with his sweetness.  He's the first to hug and kiss, and he loves to share.  So I will take all his wild just so I can have more of his heart!  However, I will always cap my spray paint & remove it from the scene in the future!  Mama learned a lesson as well!  Don't tempt any kid with spray paint...the can't refuse a good graffiti moment.

P.S.  - During said event I was dying on the inside to freeze & take a picture of Jade's truck.  It was slightly hilarious.  If only you could see this to understand...but I knew Jade would freak if we paused from scrubbing so I gave myself tennis elbow instead.  Apologies, but use your imaginations and visualize yellow spray paint on a big navy dodge ram truck...you'll have an idea of what was going on!


  1. oooh my!!!! you handled it well. not sure what i would have done!!! eeek!! glad you got it off!!! little stinker!!!

  2. Note to self...store all aerosol paint products above Pudge-height.

    Weird thing? My brother did the EXACT same thing. Only he painted on my grandma's garage doors. Big circles. And justified it by saying they were onion rings. And he was hungry for some.

  3. The budding artist. He looks heartbroken in the second picture. At least it all turned out ok. I think I would have freaked and cried.

  4. But Mom, he was just bored! And I give him credit for doing it with a broken arm! My daughter "drew" on my husband's truck with a rock when she was about 4. Of course she denied it, but she also had signed her work with a big "W". Her name is Wendy. Hmmmmm. It's horrible at the time, lessons are learned and this will be a story you will always remember and laugh about in the future. Ha, ha Leprechauns! Ann

  5. Man, who knew Leprechauns could cause so much damage!! lol...Got to hand it to him though that was pretty creative! haha

  6. I am using leprechauns as my defense ever since ... genius!

  7. this is so funny!!! i can only imagine the shock! and the disbelief! love the answer! i am with janie on this one! So glad you got it off!!

  8. leprechauns huh? that was clever. my honey's head would have literally popped off. good for you for not discipling in anger. that's so hard not to do.

  9. WHOA! Just WHOA!

  10. wowzer Ev thank goodness it all came off!

  11. I read this to my husband and oh my goodness did we laugh! We can both just imagine our son growing up to do similar things. Wow, not sure where all the energy comes from. I hope i deal with the antics as calmly as you have


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