Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rally Beard

Jade once was a clean cut man.  He was quite preppy really when we were younger - he wore button up shirts, spiked his hair, and couldn't grow facial hair if he wanted.

Summer of 2007 - Everett in the belly!

I on the other hand like him a bit more scruffy.  I always thought I'd marry a man with tattoos and what not, and instead I married my man pretty husband.  I wouldn't trade him though.

In the last couple of years, he started sporting a goatee.  I prefer it actually!

In recent weeks he has decided he's growing a rally beard for Ollie.  At least that is what he says.  Keep in mind he had a goatee first.  Now he has his form of a beard and a really bushy goatee since it had a week or so of growth before the beard. 

Today I am 35 weeks and they will induce me in 4 weeks.  I seriously wonder how big this rally beard will be the day Ollie arrives - if he's still sporting it.  Will he scare her, will he forever be captured in her birth photos like a lumberjack.  Only time will tell...

So lady friends - gather your men - rally the team - get them to grow rally beards - let's start a new fashion in this town!  I tried to capture the rally beard, but he said no photographs.  So if you are local - stop by his office for a cup of coffee and witness this form of awesomeness in the flesh.

P.S.  - I love that man, he makes me laugh & he's a good dad - he's quite fantastic isn't he!


  1. Your menopausal mother could but won't grow a rally beard! He is the greatest though!

  2. LOL - Janie... I know the feeling !!!!!

    Oh, wait, this is Annie's blog - yeah... the rally beard .....

    I LOVE scruffy men, always have. My hubby has had a beard for so long (30 years ?) that I honestly can't imagine him without it. Then again, he also has a pony tail... yum ! My boys all have facial hair too - ranging from a goatee to a full lumberjack beard on Jacob that would put Paul Bunyon to shame !

    I love the idea of a rally beard. My culture (my family is from northern Spain) has something we call a "promesa" - a promise. It's a sacrifice done for a blessing or a thank you. I have not cut my hair since Jacob's transplant. My promesa is to leave my hair long until he can walk again. Let me tell you, my braid is LONG... and I keep telling him to hurry up or I'll look like crystal gale before to long ( ask your mother, she'll know who I'm talking about ! ) !!!!

    hugs to BOTH you and Jade !


  3. My youngest son, hes 22, has not gotten a haircut in months, or shaved, and he says he will not until some crap about duck season, I wasn't really listening. But girl it is BAD!!! I just hope and pray that no one dies and he goes to a funeral looking like that, it will almost put your eye out if you got to close. Yeap that bad.

  4. Well, I may have a hard time convincing the mister, as he is sure his attempts at facial hair just end up look liking a face struck with mange.

    Perhaps I shall devote my legs to the rally cry. xoxox Go, Ollie!

  5. deepest apologies for the previous comment with the unreadable profile...that always creeps me out. it was me. just signed into the wrong email account. Again...GO, OLLIE and Go cute dads capable of facial hair growth!!!

  6. Oh I so love the idea of a Rally Beard! Go Jade, Go! My husband has to meet the public as clean-shaven ( d#*@n ) so he cannot participate, but I've never known him to be able to grow anything even in the vicinity of Jade's attempt, anyway. But we are rallying for you anyway! (I bet I could grow a beard if I wanted to now with all the weird hormonal things I've been experiencing!) Instead we just wish to say... {{Ollie +Family}} Ann and Family

  7. If Kylie starts his rally beard now, it will be longer than Jade's in 4 weeks. I really did marry a hairy man!


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