Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Insulating for Winter

Insulation is a serious job, but someone has to do it.

When insulating, protective gear is required.

Yes - those are Kylie's real eyebrows - I laughed until I cried over this photo.

We forgo the traditional masks for hankies & safety goggles.  Yes, it works my friends.  For Jade this method also works when cleaning up any kind of vomit.

In two nights the boys cranked 'er out.  Caroline and baby Pinto's room is almost done.  The lucky kids scored an 8' walk in closet!  Their room is 11.5x13.

Maggie & Kylie scored as well.  They have a really big room that is 18.5 x 13.5.  It's in the basement, but since it's a walkout - bingo they have a window!  They also have a very large walk in closet that is 7x6. 

They claim one night if we hear a baby screaming and we go in Ollie's room and she's sound asleep - they have snuck out of the basement for a date night & put their Baby Pinto's monitor in our room!  They are sneaky sneaky Nanny McFrees!


  1. Kylie's eyebrows are the best, as is his glasses! I see a great picture for the birthday announcement in SCN!!

  2. Hey! I like your new header, but I will miss the spools of thread. I always meant to ask you what their significance was. Besides nice to look at. Nice space for everyone and I'd keep an eye on that baby monitor if I were you. Ann {{Ollie + you}}


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