Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice & Snow - OH NO!

Oh the joys of Illinois weather.

This evening we are expecting lots of freezing rain.  All day tomorrow we are set to receive even more freezing rain - a day of freezing rain - joyous.  Then bless our hearts, Wednesday we get snow and winds.  Then, we'll end the week with freezing temperatures so nothing melts off.  Right now, it's to the point they haven't even attempted estimates in our area.  The weathermen seriously this time have no clue what we will actually get - not that they are ever right, but I'd like an educated guess!

I normally don't mind the snow and ice that we have.  I hate it for my Dad that works cattle in this weather.  He deals with freezing waterers & feeding cattle in this mess.  I also hate it for my husband that works in the middle of interstates and highways performing surveys, and then has to have enough firewood ready to heat our home.  Men who work outside in this type of weather are amazing dedicated men!  I'm luckily inside and it's pretty out the window so I can deal.  I'm used to driving in it and handle it just fine for the most part.  However, being very pregnant with a baby that must be delivered 2 hours from home - I am not excited about this storm.

So dear weatherman.  I know Northern Illinois is set to get 18-24 inches of snow, but can you send them our ice too?  I'll take some snow off their plate if you can spare us the ice!  Sorry in advance Northerners, but I must pray that you get the brunt of this storm!


  1. Oh ick, we are getting 3-5 inches of snow today, I will pray you don't get it as bad as they are expecting!

  2. I've heard about this storm heading your way! Stay safe and warm and Ollie, stay inside! It's not time to make an appearance yet! You DO have some hard working men in your family, but from what I've seen the women are working just as hard, especially to keep their menfolk happy. Here's hoping you don't get that ice. Ann {{Ollie}}

  3. Are you buried under snow or ice?? Wow, we got whopped! 14 inches. I'm kinda loving it, actaully. A quiet day to do whatever I want. And who gives a rip what the hair looks like! Woohoo!

    Stay cozy!



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