Sunday, January 16, 2011

Drywall Dust

My family is the boom-diggity. 

All the framing, electrical, and cables were completed & now the drywall is completely up!  Phase II drywall begins tomorrow night - taping & mudding.  We are getting close friends!!

This room is Caroline & baby Pinto's.  This is the view from the door & into the 8' closet!!

This is the view back to the door.  It's a good sized room.

This is Maggie & Kylie's future bedroom from the doorway.  It's very large & has a window to the walk out basement patio.  I thought it would be really dark, but honestly the window does a lot for it.

This is the view back toward the door - nice and big!

Oh and Maggie's favorite part - big walk in closet!  Boom!

So the progress is moving forward.  Hopefully this week we can get the walls mudded, finished, & textured - then onto painting and trim work!  The final details should hopefully go fast!  The carpet man comes February 1st and 2nd, and Ollie not long after that so we have to crank this baby out fast!

Thanks again to my fabulous family - without them this wouldn't be possible.  Also, if you see my Dad out and about, I swear I didn't push him down.  He fell and got a nasty scrape and bruise on his forearm.  I told him if he really hated drywall he didn't have to throw himself to the floor in a mad fit, but he did it anyway.  He's a tough man though - he walked it off & has a new battle wound to flex around town!


  1. Amazing progress!! You've got some great guys working over there. I can't wait to see how Maggie decorates it.


  2. His arm looks terrible. He was bleeding all over the towel I put on the chair! I guess I am going to have to pamper him a bit!

  3. Hey mama! So, I have had your gift done for about a week now, but just didn't want to send it yet, couldn't figure out why until now. I found something that truly was sent by God, and I cannot WAIT until you get it:) I seriously almost peed myself because I was jumping up and down so hard! I found it on a scrapbooking weekend at a gift shop.

    ANYHOO, you will get a package this week, yay!!!

    Love and hugs!

  4. annie--just found your blog...and i love it!! i love everything in your home, i also love to find unique pieces with history. my huband has made me many pieces out of the 100 year old wood we tore off of our barn when we restored it. and we, like you, built our carriage house with our own hands and i always say it is the house that love built! we live on 7 acres and have restored the 100 year old barn that was on the property...and we hope to live here FOREVER! i can't imagine anyone else living in 'our house'! there is just something special when you do it all yourself....and i will be praying for your sweet baby girl that is soon to arrive. i can tell you that if miss ollie does have ds you have no idea what blessings you have ahead. we welcomed our 3rd baby girl, miss maggie, on may 17th, 2009. she was born with ds and changed our lives in so many ways. there really are no words to describe just have to experience it to know how deeply these little ones touch your soul and your heart. hope you can stop by and meet my maggie! and i will continue prayers for miss ollie and her little heart to heal and will keep checking back waiting her arrival :)

  5. Annie, I think I would like to move into the new basement digs. Forget those other people, and I wouldn't try to fake you out with the baby monitor either! Ann {{Ollie}}


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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