Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Grown Up Pad

This past weekend Maggie, Kylie, Caroline, & Penelope moved into their new house through the woods.  In the move, Aubrie landed Maggie & Kylie's old bedroom - it's huge!

She couldn't be more thrilled!

Everett goes on and on and on every time he comes down about how beautiful it is, how much work I put into it for Aubrie, and then tries to sleep with Aubrie.

Every time she gets so mad that he's in her room & kicks him out.  She proceeded to make a sign that says "No Boys Allowed.  An image of a boy crossed out, with a small footnote - Dad Yes!"  Hilarious!

It's a work in progress, but overall I'm pretty pleased with the look!  It seems so grown up like a Tween - how did that happen?  She's only 7!

My next job is to paint the dresser I think pink her favorite color.  I know people are out there cringing, but as always - I don't like wood - so it's getting painted!

Stay tuned - the other bedroom is becoming a fitness room & Everett's room is *almost* done!


  1. Annie, it is so beautiful. All of you are the most creative people ever!! She will grow and grow with this room. One lucky little girl!!

  2. That room rocks!! lol...A Dad's don't count as boys, do they? Too cute!


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