Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Time & the Livin's Easy

The kids have been loving the hot weather.

They are beyond tan now, seriously I look translucent next to them and Jade.

Trudie is constantly following them for just a morsel of food.  Watermelon requires a trip outside in a shirtless condition.  If you are Aubrie, you dress up underwear with a sweet pair of metallic wedges & hair feathers.

Everett worked with the men - he said he played tractors.

He was SO filthy after a day at the farm.  His shirt is permanently stained and I had to scrub, scrub, scrub his skin.  He LOVES working with the men & I think they love having him tag along.

Ollie has been trying her best to roll over.  This coming Thursday she is cleared to do belly time again.  We are excited to see what she can do!


  1. Ollie looks fantastic!
    and I thought everyone eats watermelon topless with metallic sandals and hair feathers? I know I do

  2. Oh gosh~! You mean we're going to have to keep Liddy from rolling over??!!!!! *YIKES* I think I'm really really gonna need medication now! lol So glad that Ollie is doing so wonderfully..her chubby cheeks are even chubbier. Obviously you've been feeding her VERY well. (same here with Liddy! lol) Aubrey's fashion sense is truly FABULOUS!! And I'm sure that getting dirty has nothing at all to do with Everett's fascination with the farm! lol :)

  3. I like Aubrie's style. I recently tried a similar (adult version) style while dealing with some stinking poison ivy.


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