Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dang You Commercials, Dang You!

I DVR everything I watch.  Literally everything.  I never watch commercials.  I never know what movies are coming out.  I also never watch the news so I'm behind there as well.

However, my kids, they watch live TV & with it, the commercials.  I am constantly being called into the room so I can see what my kids are DYING to have - they can't live without these items.

Here is a list of things they would like:
Right Size Smoothies (Aubrie thinks maybe she should lose weight so I would pick her up more - interesting)

Along with these that I can find links to, they want a face painting kit, multiple types of water guns, and a thousand other toys they will never ever play with.

Commercials you are ridiculous - really really ridiculous.


  1. Ahhhh, now I have the Happy Nappers song stuck in my head!!! lol I have threatened to ban the TV at Christmas time--I get tired of hearing what my 7 year old MUST have for Christmas!! Darn those stinkin' commercials!!!

  2. OH my goodness....fushigi! haha. My nephew, who is 7....has been asking for this for THREE YEARS. no lie. THREE YEARS. every birthday, random holiday that he would get a present, he has this hopeful smile and always announces before he starts opening, "I BET I GOT A FUSHIGI!" nope. never has. haha...

  3. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Come check it out!

  4. I remember being that age and wanting everything that I saw on t.v. Both Jasmine and Kiliegh still do it, to some extent, although it has improved now that they are a bit older.

  5. Haha! My boys do the same thing! Grayson keeps telling me how much he wants the Slushy Magic!

  6. Not long ago Ayden came running into whatever room I was settled into and was like "Heidi, Heidi, I saw something on TV you HAVE to get for Lydia!" I said "Oh yeah? What?" Apparently there was a commercial for a food processor on TV and he thinks that instead of buying Liddy's baby food, it would be quicker and easier to just make it because of course that's what the commercial said. No thank you. That's not for this mommy. I will gladly just pick up my baby food pre-liquified at the store! lol

  7. I DVR everything too and miss a lot of them as well. A good thing. Ann

  8. I must be really out of it, I had to google a couple things to see what they were. The only thing I wonder is why in the heck didn't one of us come up with these ideas? Look on the bright side at least they don't want a magic bra that I saw in a commerical this morning at 3 a.m. when for some reason I was wide awake...OH wait ask the kids do they make something for that??


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