Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Great Day!

Yesterday the kids, Abbie, & I headed north to Bloomington to meet my blogging friend Jen & Cameran.

It's brutally hot & humid in the mid-west right now so we hit up a children's museum.  This is Aubrie's FAVORITE activity! 

Enjoy some pictures from our day!  We had fun & it was wonderful to finally meet my new friends!

These pictures always crack me up!  Abbie did her entire body & oh my gosh her "twins" were ha-larious!  Yes we are that immature!

Aubrie wants to be a baby heart doctor - makes her mama proud!

if only he brushed this good at home! 

this kills me - ridiculous - absolutley ridiculous!

They LOVED this thing which is funny considering their Pa Stuart has a real combine in John Deere green that spends days doing this activity in real corn fields.  I think I have found a new babysitter come harvest!

Poor Ollie, this was hysterical.  A puppet wig is perfect for a babies head!

Ollie was VERY ready for a hard nap at this point in the day.  She doesn't think Children's museums are so fun!

Thank you for meeting us Jen!  Abbie & I adored Cameran & would gladly steal her in a heart beat if we could get away with it ;)


  1. We love that museum! We also went to a place called "Make a Mess" kid's fun center, it was fun too! Had all the fun "messy" things kids like to play with along with dress up, games and a bounce house!!

  2. That place looks cool! Great pictures :)

  3. How FUN!! I've never been to a children's museum, but I think we're just about at the point where we should give it a go... Love the meet-ups!

  4. The picture of you, Ollie and the robot is freaking hysterical! And Ollie is getting so big! It's fun to see her next to you so there's size perspective! Glad you guys had so much fun. I just wish we lived close enough for a play date ourselves.


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