Friday, July 29, 2011

More Pool...

Oh yes my man can run a chain saw!

Here we build decks out of electric poles - resourceful & cheap we are!

OK I am caught - he stayed in his PJs all day long & wore gum boots on the wrong feet.  So what??!

Our crew leaders for the evening.

Caroline brought out her daisy dukes for the deck party!

I couldn't not take this picture.

Ah - he caught me & threatened me not to blog his booty - I did it anyway!

Maggie's, brooding European model man, Kylie D.

Things are looking good!  The deck is almost done & we have a safety gate in place that latches on the opposite side!

We have a concrete patio with my babies in the steps - <3

The landscaping is looking better, but ignore the mess going on - I have some clean up work to do!

The patio is coming together, but again - lots of work to do & tools to put away!!

We still aren't done, but finally it's getting close!  I'll probably be done when it's time to close the pool for winter - that's how it always goes!


  1. Wow, you guys work FAST ! I'm jealous of the handy hubbies - I always have to hire out. It's looking so great- a summer paradise for sure.

    One suggestion - drill holes in the bottom of the can where you have the noodles. It gets gross down there with rain water.... not like it ever happened here or anything - I'm just saying : P


  2. It looks GREAT! So refreshing and coooolllllll. :) When am I a coming for a visit? lol

  3. It looks great Annie - I could jump right in! I got your package today and love the blankie and necklace. Thank you so much for your quick wonderful work. Ann {{Ollie}} (Have the necklace on right now)

  4. Wonderful. I think you all had a great time. This is nice and I think the kids would really enjoy their new play ground.

  5. The pool and deck look great. We had a pool like that growing up too. It was installed when I was in 2nd grade. I'm 34 and mom and dad finally had to rip it down this summer, it was just beyond repair. Enjoy!! :)


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