Monday, July 11, 2011

5 Months...

Time flies with a face like this smiling at you all the time

Yesterday she was officially 5 months old.

A lot has changed since she was born in February.

She conquered heart failure, then open heart surgery.  She has picked up my tiny town and shook it - everyone knows her name.  They have prayed for her and in return love her like their own.  When you truly take up prayer for someone its amazing how you in turn love that person. 

So many people have a new understanding of Down Syndrome because of her sweet heart.  People all over the world, literally, have been impacted in some way by her.

Last night was the first night in her crib.  I didn't sleep well because I worried all night long.  She had been in a bassinet in our room before.  She slept like a champ & didn't mind her bed at all. 

Then, today she rolled over for the very first time.  She's been working at it for weeks but can never get all the way over because of her arms.  She went back to belly - that's right she's a rock star my friends.
She's growing up too fast.  It makes me sad.  I hope she lets me rock her for a very long time - I am not ready to have a big girl yet!


  1. I just love her sweet little grinny face!!

  2. Her sweet little face makes me smile....EVERY time!! I so love her!!

  3. Woo hoo!!!! Go, Ollie! That child will help change the world, I am certain. I love how she's modestly starting small, like changing a town...gotta work her way up...

    Love all the great things she's doing - the crib is a huge step. Love, love, love, love the pic!

  4. Oh hun! I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through..... hugs!!!!!!! Hope he will be fine soon.

  5. She's so beautiful, and I want to just pinch those sweet cheeks! She looks like such a joyful baby!

  6. That scar is a reminder of what a true rock star Ollie is (every real rock star has a scar of some sort:) My daughter Irelyn has a beautiful scar on her neck from her first 10 days of life that she spent on life support. I love that scar and all that it represents. Your Ollie sure has opened my eyes, she is a true cutie patootie.

  7. So very beautiful. I too couldn't sleep the first night my kids went to the crib. :)


  8. She is the sweetest little girl :)...Happy five months Ollie!!

  9. Oh hun! I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through.....hugs!!!!!!!


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