Monday, July 18, 2011

Nate & Ollie

Meet the handsome Nate. 
He was born in January & Ollie is quite the wee little girl beside him.

He is stunning with long eye lashes & big brown eyes.  He looks so much like my cousin Jessie & she's beautiful too!  If she would have forgotten him behind, I would have kept him!  Unfortunately people always remember to take their babies home.

Ollie was happy to share the attention for awhile and then her sassy side came out.

She tried hard to contain it, but...

divas have to let it out now and then.

Nate in typical male fashion was not phased by her emotional break down.


  1. "Unfortunately people remember to take their babies home..." ROFL!!

  2. I WANT THEM...THEY ARE SO SO CUTE....I am use to Diva's I got a couple in my house..



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