Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Whole Lot of Faith

This little girl has captured hearts everywhere.

Why?  Because she is spectacular.  So is her hair!

She seriously couldn't be any sweeter.

She sleeps all the time, rarely cries, and laughs a ridiculous amount of time considering she's a mere 3 weeks old...already an over-achiever.

So far her eyes are a true blue.  Shocking considering we have never expected anything but brown.  She's full of surprises this girl.

We take her Tuesday to Saint Louis for a day of appointments.  We are so blessed to live so close to St. Louis.  We are going to the Down Syndrome Clinic which is inside the Children's Hospital.  This means all her doctors specialize in Down Syndrome in addition to their field of medicine.  So we start the day with the Down Syndrome leading doctor, then onto the cardio appointment, and then her endocrinologist to recheck her thyroid levels.  I'm not sure what all they have in mind, but it will be a full day for sure.

So far little miss is doing great.  She eats about every 3 hours.  Sometimes she pushes it to 4, and makes up for it later by eating every 2.  She pigs her bottles right down.  She detests formula so my milk makers better keep up! 

Her heart seems stable to Jade & I, but then again we only know what to look for on paper.  They gave us a stethoscope...we are useless with it...  However, I think we'd know if her heart was causing issues, so we're feeling good about things.  Please continue to pray for her.  We have an 11 pound weight goal to meet, and so far she's on her way there.  I'm guessing she'll be around 8 pounds 3 ounces this week - or hopefully more!  In addition pray for Dr. Huddleston - the cardio-thoracic surgeon we will someday meet, and pray for the nurses and doctoring team we will also meet.  We know this is in our future, and prayers ahead of time always help. 

She is definitely the blessing we never expected.  We adore her in a big way.

I also had to share a picture of Everett.  He is another joy to us.  Life is good.

We are happy!!


  1. She is so stinking cute! I love her wild hair too. She laughs? Already! That is amazing. Vada makes me work for a mere giggle but when she does giggle it is music to my soul and I cherish what I can get! I am so glad that you are all doing well!

  2. Omgosh, I just love her!!!! Her hair is just the best thing ever. And I can't get over her smiles!!! She seems so peaceful and just a true gift. Praying for what the future holds! She's such a precious little doll!!!!

  3. Life IS good! Your family is beautiful. :-)

  4. Annie, you all will be in my thoughts and prayers. By this time tomorrow you will know so much more and therefore be armed for all that lies ahead. Ollie is looking healthy and happy and I feel she looks a lot like her dad from the pictures I've seen. I hope Everett and Aubrey are settling in as the big sis and big bro. You are all so good at what you do that I know this journey is only going to make you better.

    Best wishes. Ann {{Ollie + 11 lbs}}

  5. If the time comes that you NEED a stethoscope lesson I know a good nurse. :) She used to teach people these things. She is in love with that baby and does share a tiny bit of DNA with you. It would be a short drive only to see smiling faces.

    I've already been praying about Tuesday, missy. Never hurts to start early.

    I cannot get enough of those hair pictures.

  6. Oh how that Ollie girl makes me smile ! I click on your blog and no matter how hard things are here, Ollie brings me joy. THANK YOU !

    Of course I'm praying !!!!!!!!! And I wouldn't mind a few for Jacob for the 14th. He has his cath and since he's had mono since January, this one is particularly nerve wracking .

    hugs from jersey,

  7. I can see why you are crazy about her. She is a doll! Will pray for all of her appointments. God is so good. Indeed she is a blessing.


  8. That sweet lil' doll brings a smile to my face...even when I'm grumpy and don't feel too smiley! What a precious gift she is!! Sending prayers!

  9. ahhhh Annie her smile is perfect. I adore her! so glad you are happy! xoxox


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