Friday, March 4, 2011

An Unbelievable Truth...

OK I blogged about this briefly before, but I must devote an entire post to this topic because it's say the least.

Ask my best friend.

Ask Monica who has applied fake nails in the past.

They know the truth.

I used to be a terrible, beyond words, nail biter.  It was no secret.  I was terrible about it.  My fingers were tiny little stubs.  I had hideous hands.  I'd get acrylics, keep them for sometime, and then I was back at it.  Gross me.

Somehow, Miss Ollie put things in perspective and I just quit biting my nails.  Blame it on having real stress in my life.  Perhaps it was all those prayers I made as a kid fearing no man would marry a nail biter like me - 16 years later the prayers were answered. 

This is the old nails.  Terrible...I know.  However, Aubrie was perfect!

If a picture was ever being taken where I was aware of my hand in the picture - I'd tuck my fingers under.  True story.  I can't find a picture to show you this, but it's true.

Here is my hand now.  My real nails with clear polish!!  My poor wedding ring won't fit over my man sized knuckle.  Why do my hands go from a size 5 1/2 to a 7 when I'm pregnant?  Seriously?  I'm ready for my petite hand to come back.  Oh and they are super red and dry because I wash wash wash wash wash all day long my hands.  Then...I sanitize...and they burn.  However they are uber clean.

Oh and yes...Jade mounted a hospital grade sanitizer on our wall.  That's how we roll.  Germ free is the way to be...with an Ollie girl.



  1. My hands never recovered. I got to freaky about washing my hands all the time, and then at any free moment I was washing bottles and pump parts and stuff, so I never had an opportunity to put lotion on. I was so worried that my baby's biggest memory or phobia of being an infant would be mommy's rough, dry hands holding her. LOL

  2. I am a former nail biter AND manicurist if you can believe that. My mother was a manicurist too I'm sure it bothered her greatly to have a child with such mangled fingers... I finally quit biting once I became a manicurist and worked in a natural nail salon. We had very few acrylic nail clients and most women there were pro-natural nail. I loved this about that shop. It finally made me get over my issue with it. It's hard to make others fingers look amazing when yours look so bad. Yours however look AWESOME! I am jealous, my nails are weak and I need to start babying them again, you'd never guess I did nails for 6 years of my life looking @ my hands :(

  3. *LOVE* the hospital grade sanitizer...what a great idea! I want one by my front door and I don't even have a little Ollie in my house!

    And I am so jealous of those nails! I am a biter, too. Always have been. I have total man-hands without my frenchy acrylics. Does this mean I have to have a baby to stop biting my nails?! Lol!!



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