Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miss O

Miss O is kicking butt & taking names, as my Dad likes to say.

She started deliberately smiling on March 30th.  It was her 3 AM feeding, and the girl was a big old flirt.  She was ridiculously smiley and loving me that night.  It was fantastic!

She is also picking up her head and turning it side to side while on her belly and even pushing up some with her arms.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a nutrition lady in to take a look at her, and this RN was highly impressed.  She said Ollie was doing just "AWESOME".  I was proud & thrilled all at once!

She's going to come back every 2 weeks and monitor Ollie's weight gain in our home and work with our pediatrician to make sure we are on track for surgery.  I am so excited by this because this lady was super sweet, and her knowledge was just uber helpful! 

Last night, Ollie slept from 10-5:45!  Oh yes I'm feeling grand today!  And no worries - I asked the doctor if it's OK to let her sleep these stretches because she's been pulling 5 and 6 hours at a time at night, and as long as she keeps gaining weight steadily, he isn't concern and feels she can rest at night.  Hooray!

PS - I'm hoping to score a video of little miss doing her belly time soon.  I have to show her off because she's fabulous!


  1. What a cutie !!!!!! Grow baby Grow !!!!!!


  2. Take it all in, and get your bedtime rest if she's letting you! She sounds like a terrific baby gal :)

  3. this pic of Ollie cracks me up. I wanna put Aubrie's glasses on her, she looks all serious like a lil librarian.
    To me Aubrie is all you...Everett is mostly Jade...Ollie I go back in forth depending on the picture, but I ask you...why is it chubby cheeks, button nose, double chin, and buddha belly so stinking adorable on Ollie...but on me not so much. Chubby 35 year olds need love too. I'm just saying.
    P.S. I also wanna know why 35 year olds can't wear pink ruffled rompers like the little number Ollie had on in the pic on your mom's blog on Mar 25th...Just kidding. sort of.

  4. make that "Oliie I go back AND forth" ...jeez I blame living with Nohn Jeiserman for the past decade for that nugget of vocabularic gold.

  5. YEAH Ollie. You go girl. I can't believe she slept that long, my 18 month old STILL doesn't do that.


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