Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Month

It's amazing how your heart can feel in one months time.

One month ago today, this little gal entered the world.

It was a day filled with anxiety, excitement, and nervousness.  No one knew what would come.  Would she enter the world kicking & screaming?  Would I get to hold her before she was whisked away?  How long would her heart be stable before the two dreaded words...heart failure were written in her charts?  How long would we be in St. Louis & how long before we would be back?  Would she have the magical extra chromosome we've been told to expect?  And if she did, what would she look like?  Would she still look like one of us?

I think this day held more anticipation for me than any other day in my life.

Well all that was bust apart at the seams when she entered the world...screaming.  She has been really healthy and pretty typical in my opinion since we have been home.  She eats like a champ, is more alert all of the time, sleeps a lot, and oh she's a beauty.  She is the easiest baby by far out of my three (which I still can't believe I have 3!) children.

She has that extra chromosome, but I love it dearly.  I wouldn't change her or it for the world.  She looks a lot like Aubrie with her little chin, kissable jawline, and chubby cheeks.  She puckers her lips in big O shapes just like her sister.  And obviously the hair - it's remarkably the same!!

Aubrie at 2 months

Ollie today - she's hiding her little knobby chin

Her chubby nose reminds me of Everett.  She makes the most hilarious expressions with her eyebrows - just like her brother.  

Everett at one month old

Ollie napping it up today - PS - love love love swaddling blankets - who knew!

Her smile though, it's one of a kind, and my oh my it's the best thing ever!

The biggest surprise - her blue eyes.  I never in a million years expected blue eyes out of a baby of mine!

So one month ago our world wasn't shattered or broken.  It wasn't sad or gloomy.  It was filled with joy, and excitement.  It was filled with faith in God and praises to the Lord.  It has continued to this day.  She is such a blessing in our lives!

One month later we are a happy, typical family of 5!!

(8 if you count our Nanny McFrees in the basement)


  1. I believe she looks a lot like her brother! I love her wild and crazy hair! She is a little doll!!

  2. She is so cute! Her crazy hair makes me laugh! Wish I could see her in person but this is great at least I get to meet her in pictures :) When I am done with a cold I hope to come see her! Who knows when that will ever be tho...

  3. oh man that is a cute baby! edible i wouls say;) i just had my 5th baby and she is the only blue eyed baby 4 brown eyes one blue,so random but soo special:)happy 1 month to tat scrumptious baby with that amazing hair:)

  4. A month already? I can't believe it. She is adorable. I love her hair and her smile.

  5. Gorgeous as always!! Funny you should mention swaddling blankets...I just read that in a perfect world children would stay in the womb for an extra three we know that is impossible but...swaddling blankets are the next best thing...

  6. I can't believe it has been a month ! I'm so happy for you. You are always in my prayers.

    Your pictures make me miss my boys being little peanuts (my youngest is 8).

  7. Your babies are beautiful! Oh I miss having a tiny one, my youngest is 6. I've posted a link to your blog to a prayer group I belong to - they're a wonderful bunch of prayer warriors that will be covering Ollie and your family. God bless you all! BTW, I love Everett's face in his picture - so serious!

  8. wow, it's been a month already?!? You all are doing so well, keep up the good work and attitude :)

  9. Praise God, He is good ALL the time! What a beautiful story, and what an even more beautiful baby!

  10. awwww she's gorgeous and so many resemblences, I cant wait to hear more on how managing the 3 kids are! (hope for a 3rd of my own maybe in a few years tho)

  11. Has it been a month already? wow! She does look like her big sister.


  12. happy ONE MONTH sweet Ollie!!

  13. oh she is soooo sweet! love that hair too, super cute! happy one month! :)

  14. I found your blog through Patti at "A perfect Lily"...I have been following since before sweet Ollie was born. I wanted to tell you how beautiful I think she is. I especialy loved this post...We didnt know our son had Ds until after he was born and one of the questions the Doctors kept asking us was "Does he look like your other children?" I always resented being asked that...They made him sound different from the rest of our family, when really he was not. And he does look just like our other children! The same as I think Ollie looks just like her siblings!
    I loved this post and look forward to reading all about Ollie as she grows up :)

  15. She is so precious. Each of your kiddos is beautiful and charming what a great family! I'm so happy Ollie is thriving and has such a loving family to call her own! oxoxo

  16. I think I found you a while back (perhaps through Love Bomb? I don't remember), but I haven't been keeping up! I found you again today through another blog.


    Miss O is soooooooo precious! I love that smile! What a sweetie pie. :D

    I will be definitely be coming back for more updates on you and the fam! :)


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