Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Handmade Gifts

I am blessed by fabulous people in my life!  I received some amazing handmade gifts for Ollie I finally am sharing.

I got this little gnome doll from my friend Darby at Underground Vintage Studio.  I about died when I opened it.  I had searched Etsy for months for the perfect gnome doll without luck.  I am in love with this doll.  As well as everything else that Darby makes!

My cousin Ellen made me a matching quilt for Ollie's bedding.  I about died when I opened this baby too.  I showed all my co-workers that day!  I am loving it!  The giant ric rac & the matching fabric.  It's amazing.  I love Ellen like a big sister!!

This banner was made by Maggie's co-worker, Casey.  She's also super talented & it's perfect in Ollie's room on the curtains.  It's not a great picture, but Ollie's name is in red with white polka dots & the last banner flag has a birds nest.  It's strung on a yellow ribbon - adorable!

That's just a small taste of what Miss Ollie has received, but just a few of the handmade items she'll grow up to love!!


  1. Handmade gifts are the BEST, aren't they? Absolutely is your Ollie ;)

  2. Handmade are the best indeed! How wonderful that Ollie will have these keepsakes from her precious babyhood! That gnome doll is to die for! Ann {{Ollie}}

  3. those are awesome! that quilt is amazing!!!!!!!! Ollie is soooo loved!!

  4. Wow, I love those! I agree, handmade are definitely the best. So much love and care obviously went into them.

  5. Oh my I have never seen a cuter gnome room! Ollie's room will be such a fun place for her!


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