Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Evening at the ER...

Being a parent is so hard.  Seriously why isn't there a manual on this?  I wish my parents would write me one...

Last night Everett threw a rock that some how found it's way directly into Aubrie's forehead.  Why does this always happen when he's around?  So this time I thought we needed stitches - super glue wouldn't do so off to the ER we went. 

Here is a summary of my night:
First, Jade drove like her arm was seriously cut off her body to the hospital - he's something else.  Second, we waited in the ER for 2+ hours next to an old man that they tried to give a catheter to 4 times - that was awful in itself.  Third, I was STARVING by 7 as was Aubrie - thank the lord for pretzels in vending machines.  Next time I will ALWAYS take snacks with me to the ER.

Finally, in walks the Dr., a plastic surgeon was luckily in the ER and they thought he was the man for the job.  It wasn't a huge cut, but it was on her face & they thought it would scar.  Well let me say friends that plastic surgeons aren't really pediatric doctors and their patience with kids just isn't there.  So they proceed to strap Aubrie down on a hard board with Velcro straps because the moment they said stitches she started bawling.  She screamed and screamed blood curdling screams and begged for us to save her the entire time.  It felt like an eternity.  It was awful, and I hope that is the worst thing we ever have to do b/c it's done and I don't want to go there again.  She was a bit over dramatic - as was the Dr.  Jade wanted to shove him by the time we were done & it took the entire drive home to calm my husband down.  Aubrie was fine as soon as they released her and she got a sucker.  

I thought we had the worse deal hearing the man get a catheter, but now I know his family had it worse hearing our daughter scream in agony.

Seriously WHAT a night.  I pray I don't do that again anytime soon! 


  1. Oh, the poor girl! I think I would have been bawling my eyes out seeing my child like that.

  2. sweet tater. i gave her two pairs of earrings and a bracelet that said love for being tough...she said, i wasn't tough i screamed. ha! she's honest! i just love her

  3. Oh, the poor peanut! Thank goodness she's ok. Hugs and popsicles. That always works for soothing at my house. ;)

  4. Poor little thing, nothing is worse then seeing our babies hurt ! Sending big hugs to the sweet girl and her mommy and daddy.


  5. Annie, I am so glad that Aubrie is okay. That can be very scary, both for the child and parents alike! Bet Everett felt real bad after throwing that rock that hit Aubrie too..

    Sending BIG (((HUGS)) to Aubrie! She was such a big girl that's for sure! Tell her that this lady would have screamed real loud too!!



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