Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Talk

Since I found out about my tiny grape my mind has been reeling...

It has been decided that Baby & Aubrie will share a bedroom.  Mainly because she's adamant that she wants to share her room, and since we currently have two finished bedrooms for the kids...I agreed that would be fine.

My next thought is how will I make this work if it is a boy?  I have some ideas, but just can't decide.  I think first things first is - what is this baby?  I think I want to wait until delivery to find out, but Jade just HAS to know - or so he says.  I think it would be good for the kids if they knew ahead of time - so we didn't have them both bawling if it's a boy - they both oddly enough are begging for a girl.  At the same time - people used to never know and they'd get over it.

So tell me this friends - did you find out the sex of your baby?  If you did not - would you do it again?
(Mind you - we found out with both Aubrie & Everett & I have kept every single thing they have owned in the basement - I'm all stocked up on blankets, clothes & bottles for either sex).

Basically I'm looking for a very convincing argument to flip Jade to my side!


  1. OH and PS - this baby will be rocking a great family name too. It's just still in the works. Jade & I are doing our best to put together names as good as the other two.

  2. I found out with Matthew that it was a boy... through ultra sound ( 24 years ago ! ). With the twins I had an amnio and they told us it was boy/girl. We were ecstatic and went hog wild preparing for the first girl... everything from the layette ( we did that in those days - like a baby hope chest ) to the nursery was pink and blue. In the delivery room out came Jacob AND Joshua - lol ! My husband told the doctor to "check again" because he'd said there was a GIRL in there !!!! It took us all of two seconds to be thrilled and come up with a second boy name. Then we called my mom and had her running around to Bloomies, Macy's and Bellini's to exchange all the pink for matching blue EVERYTHING !

    They told us that amnios are not 100% with a girl because they can pick up maternal cells... go figure. Now I cannot imagine anything but my three guys - like they say " God doesn't make mistakes !"


  3. oooooh, i'm looking forward to the NAME!!!
    we found out with both of ours!
    if it's possible at a normal dr appointment where you are already having an ultrasound, find out!!
    then you can plan and prepare the kids:O)

  4. My first child (now 25) was going to be named Megan Rose because the doc said she was female after two sonograms. Lots of pink was received at my baby shower and Zach looked absolutely lovely in some of those things. Second child, now 21, I didn't want to know because I wouldn't have believed them. My husband did so the doc told him. When I knew he knew, I made him tell me. This time the docs got it right, but I didn't pick out a name for my daughter until the drive to the hospital and I told no one whether I was expecting a girl or boy. So, either way I was surprised. There is so little these days that we don't know and my personal choice would be not to know - but I'm outta the baby business until grandchildren! Whatever you decide is what's best for you. Best wishes. Ann

  5. I had a regular OB appointment today and my doctor asked if I wanted to do a quick gender check and I said, "of course!!!" My husband and I are having a boy, Ethan David, and we are so excited!! We were praying for a boy.

  6. Two ideas here- 1) we didn't find out with Aidan. I thought I wanted the 'surprise' blah blah blah. Upon reflection - I just wasn't ready to know. We had a lot going on (working, trying to sell condo and find house in horrible market etc) and I just wanted to think sweet preggo thoughts and not too much about after baby arrived. So of coarse he was 5 wks early and we didn't have a name ready or a crib. Bottom line, it all works out. Do what make you feel good. Hubbies want us comfortable :)
    2) I am the big sister of little boys. When we adopted my first brother I was 10, he was 3 months. He was my little baby doll. I rocked him, fed him his bottle, slept with him in my bed. Anyhow - big sis with little boy- it's good too. He was my favorite little guy, sang songs with me, danced, etc. When he's older and more ruff and tumble he and Ev will pal it up and probably want to 'room' together.

  7. Annie, this is Hillary. I was reading your blog and of course I had to comment on this one. You know I'm pro for not finding out. There's no right way to do it, but I say go for the surprise since you already have both boy and girl clothes. You are set either way! The surprise was so worth it, and Andy really enjoyed being able to walk out in the waiting room and announce it was a boy, and that they now had a grandson. As for doing it again, yes I think for the next one we are going to make it a surprise, we had so much fun not finding out for the first!

  8. Annie, I didn't find out what we were having until the very day each of my 4 kids were born. I like being surprised and guessing right up till the last minute... I'd say wait too, since you already have both boy and girls baby clothes and all..


  9. I never knew ahead of time for any of mine. It makes that day so much more wonderful! I agree with Lynn you already have all you need to let it be a surprise!

  10. I myself love the element of surprise so no I would not want to know.

  11. I'm so late to the party - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! oxoxox I have no babies so I can't really say but I think I might want to find out. If my boyfriend and I get married I KNOW he won't be able to wait 9 months - he can't even wait 1 week when it comes to Christmas gifts!

  12. I had 5...3 I didn't know, the last 2 I did. It was still a surprise, just an earlier surprise. :) I am so thankful that I found out, especially with my 4th little one. His name is Jess and he was only with us for 2 very short weeks. It was very comforting for us to know that
    we were able to call him by his name for those extra 4 months while I was still carrying him. All of the older kids called him by name also. Then for our last little miracle,we all wanted to know and that day was still a surprise!
    I also found that knowing ahead just meant that everything was ready to go. That made it easier to be able to pick up with the older kids when Emma and I came home. Either way it's a blessing! Enjoy! :)


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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