Sunday, October 16, 2011

What we do for fun...

OK raise your hand if you are this flexible?

Yeah - I didn't think so!

Baby girl is starting a fight in our house...Aubrie loves turquoise, Everett loves turquoise, and now Ollie Faith loves turquoise - Grandma Janie we need more turquoise everything before a slap fight breaks out.

This polar bear is her arch enemy - he plagues her dreams with his taunting ways - she will catch him - she will...the best method...strong arm him down!  Atta girl!

Mom - have you vacuumed recently?  You may want to...

Carpet licking - I think it's going to take off as a new trend - kind of like want to try it with me - gives your tongue a new texture - it's called fuzz.

Mom, why won't he get in my mouth?  Seriously I'm sick of licking his backside.

See my two new teeth - they have three sharp bumps per tooth - perfect for biting Everett one day.

Oh Mom you are hilarious, I mean it I seriously can't stop laughing...oh my gosh Mom stop - stop being so funny!


  1. Ollie is growing up so fast!! She looks so big in these pictures! I love how you can see her two sharp little teeth so clearly...She's just so adorable :)

  2. my four year old walked up and said, 'that baby is cute. mom. That baby. It's cute. Mom, don't you think that baby is cute?"

  3. oh i just love her!! and her new toofers are soooo cute! mayson didnt get her first tooth until she was 21 months old!

  4. I could only wish I was that flexible!!! Lol love that last picture of her cracking up!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, Ollie is sooo cute!

  6. Her flexibility cracks me up. Ainsley does that, and has several split seams in her pants to show for it...which means that I'm learning to mend pants. Ollie's smile just melts my heart!


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