Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daddy & Me

Ollie enjoys her Daddy time every night.

Tiny lays by him and basks in his beauty.

She laughs & plays.

She loves to yell and get rowdy.

Then she shows him her mad leg kick skills.  When he's too involved in Cardinals baseball - she just does a swift kick in the chest to bring his focus back to her!

PS - this is weird, but I know there is some confusion on how to pronounce Ollie Faith's name.  It's just like Molly or Holly but no consonant at the front :)


  1. Liddy enjoys her Daddy time too! :)
    And she is getting sooo big! I think she's going to outgrow Liddy before too long!

  2. I thought Ollie's name was pronounced differently also until I heard you say it on one of your videos. Her name is beautiful and it's unique, it's not a everyday name!!!
    Love the pictures of Ollie and her daddy

  3. Awww, I just love Daddy/daughter pics! There are so many Dad's today that are just not involved with their kids...I love the Dads who are!! We are both blessed to have husbands like this!

  4. ...or Dolly (or Polly or collie).

    I hope she's in good form for the Cardinal game tonight. They sure could use it!

  5. So cute the way she stares lovingly at him. She's sooo beautiful!


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