Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sibling Love

Well it's October 1st.  Down Syndrome Awareness month!! 

I am excited!

A.  Because this is my first year celebrating & raising awareness.
B.  Because last October I was pregnant & we thought Down Syndrome wasn't a great thing. kick it off right I'd like you to give a big hello to Aubrie Grace.

One of the biggest fears most families have when they learn their child has Down Syndrome is how that will impact their other children.

However, in a recent survey by American Journal of Medical Genetics it was found that 97% of kids surveyed, ages 9-11, love their sibling.

So I did a quick interview with Miss Aubrie so she could share with you her feelings on Down Syndrome.

Just so you know, my kids adore Ollie Faith.  Aubrie knows that Ollie has Down Syndrome & the way she perceives it is so innocent and beautiful - if only adults could look at Ollie the same way.  In her own words she told me, "Why yes Mom, God makes every person special and different."  She's so right!

And yes, Ollie was on my lap smiling the entire time.  At the end of the clip she gets her excited pant sound going to her sister.


  1. How adorable is Aubrie! :) "That they're sooo cute!" My heart just melted into a drippy puddle of cuteness goo. lol
    Much love to you and those precious babies and the rest of the family too! *muah*

  2. Ollie's panting is hilarious. I love them both.

  3. Yay Aubrie! Looking forward to learning more throughout the month, Annie. October is a busy month for awareness, I just realized that! Ann {{Ollie}}

  4. Aubrie, What a great interview this was! Thanks for letting us know what you think about your sister! I could hear the love way over here in Indiana ♥ I hope I hear some more from you very soon.

  5. Stopping by from your mom's blog! Ollie is adorable! I love Aubrie's interview...nothing like sister love!


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