Friday, December 17, 2010

Puffer Fish

Oh puffy has arrived in a big way.

My size 7 feet no longer fit in my shoes.  For this reason don't be shocked to see this girl rocking my new Crocs almost every single day.  They are shockingly comfortable & cozy in the winter.  I bought leopard because they go with brown or black - see how versatile I am!
My wedding ring no longer fits, and neither does my backup ring.  I usually wear a 5 1/2 for my wedding ring & now I'm wearing a size 7 after I outgrew the 6.  My hands are so puffy they have dimples on top!  I always wanted dimples, but not on my hands!

When Maggie Jo had Caroline I remember thinking, why is she holding her lips so funny - then I realized oh - OH they are swollen.  It was a site to see (Maggie I still love you!)  Well guess what - God got me back.  With Ollie my lips and nose are now swollen and I never had that with my other babies.  The nose a bit, but not like this.

The cankles I am rocking are something else too - the go to the knee!  Basically everything on me feels tight and stretched lately.  My belly hangs out of my t-shirts that I ONLY wear at home.  I joke with Jade it's to keep him interested in me!  Which is hilarious if you seriously saw the get ups I am modeling.

I'm 31 weeks now.  Only 9 to go, but more like 8 since I'm going a week early. Now the uncomfortable begins!  Dear Dr. Abbie - when you read this - I need an adjustment I literally have a pain in my butt - the right side to be exact.  It is tight like I have been jogging, and trust me I haven't been :)


  1. Those last weeks are the hardest for sure!! I think I wore one pair of shoes the last 6 weeks and I was working in an office! Wonder what they thought? Around the house I used to wear steal my husband's shirts to wear and sometimes his underwear - eeewwwww, what was I thinking? You are in the final stretch and after the excitement of Christmas is gone you will have a wonderful thing to concentrate on for the new year! Ann {{Ollie}}

  2. I can't believe she will be here that soon. I am getting excited to meet her!

  3. I wore Keds w/o laces my last 2 months of pregnancy. So not pretty. By the way, I think Croc lovers should unite and make them socially acceptable. I wear the hell out of my Crocs at home...but have trouble wearing them in public! I have put a word in with Santa for a furry winter pair. I think all at home closet Croc wearers should come out of the woodwork and wear them publicly...the world would be a better place!! Anyway, I thought of YOU last night. I was at fantastic junk store in a tiny West Texas town and found an eye chart. Normally that would have never caught my eye (har har!) but I thought of how cool it looked at your house and immediately bought it! Yay! I love the world of blogging!
    Hang in there....dimples are cute! ; )

  4. I rocked the crocs during my last pregnancy, too! I ADORED them...comfort has never been so lush as those leopard prints!!! So chic!! :)


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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