Monday, December 13, 2010

6 Celebrity Crushes

Miss Flower Patch Farmgirl has challenged me.  She doesn't know it, but her post about her 6 Celebrity Crushes has inspired me to figure out my own for fun.  I need all the fun I can find.  I have quickly realized that I like my men extremely "man pretty" but still really manly.  This list would be a problem because they are all far prettier than me, but we all know I'm a married woman so they can't steal me a way from my Jade!

Hence my man pretty ways, I married this guy.  He's man pretty, but can also hold a hammer, a gun, or a baby - all important things to be "manly".
(Don't tell Jade I posted this picture - he'll KILL me!  Plus, he's squinting.  He's known to all my family as "man pretty" and he is.  Maggie's husband is "European Model Pretty" which is hilarious!)

So here is my list...

1.  Andy Whitfield:
Since I'm a man in my TV habits he's the star of the hit show Starz, Spartacus:  Blood and Sand.  It's a total man show, bloody, sandy - hence the title, and super manly.  And since I love you all so much, this is what he looks like in pretty much every single episode.  Thank you Jade for also loving this show!!

 2.  Ryan Reynolds:

I have loved him since 3 Guys, A Girl, & A Pizza Place when I was too young to love him.  Cute & funny in one package.  Oh and again, you are welcome...

Here is is manly - see he can be manly.

3.  Channing Tatum:

Can I say I was highly disappointed in Dear John.  Seriously.  Seriously.  Why wouldn't she pick him?  I didn't read the book & heard it's different, but still movie people...ugh.  He used to also model underwear - google it if you need a pick me up in your day.

4.  Paul Walker:
I have loved him since High School.  So really that's almost as long as I've loved Jade. 

5.  Jake Gyllenhaal:

I like him a bit more manly though like in Prince of Persia.  He is almost too pretty!  I liked his long hair here, which is weird because long hair usually grosses me out in a big way.

6.  Jason Statham:
This is an odd add to my list.  He's really about too old for me, but every movie he's in I love him.  I don't know why - probably the accent - and the fact that he is BA.

Honorably Mention
Jason Mraz - I think he likes men so he will never truly fall in love with me, just in a best friend takes me shopping kind of way.  I just really want him to follow me around all day everywhere I go and sing lyrical sweetness to me.  I think he'd be happy to do that.

So that is my list.  Shannan AKA Flower Patch had her husband join in this fun so I may have to quiz Jade to see what women he's secretly in love with.  He'll probably say just me - ha right!


  1. I love Mr Mraz myself. Yours are pretty for sure.

  2. I'm cracking up about European Model Pretty!

    Your list did not disappoint. All of this talk has me thinking of people I forgot! Dern. I may have to post an addendum. ;)

    I totally want to see Jade's list.

    One more thing...your list reminds me of boys - er, men that my friend Brooke (Beachy Keen Girl) would pick!

  3. Okay, so these guys are all too young for me, except for perhaps Jason (he's just a little young)but I have to agree on all accounts although I've never seen that first guy before. My daughter and I are huge M-raz fans, saw him here at House of Blues about 6 years ago before total fame hit him. His opening act was a girl with a weird name, Tristan Prettyman or something, they are a couple now so he does like girls! My favorite of your picks? Tough choice, but I go with Ryan Reynolds becuz he's funny, serious, pretty, ab-worthy and just darn cute all-round. May I suggest Bradley Cooper? Ann {{Ollie}}

  4. Oh my stars, 4 of them are my crushes, lol!! You would have to add Keith Urban to that list though, just sayin.....


  5. I'm so glad you stopped by to say "hello" -- what a lovely blog and family you have.

    And you list certainly did not disappoint. My little Shanny knows me well! :) And my MAJOR crush on Paul Walker has not gone unheard. lol. He is so dreamy ;) Great list! And seriously, how fun to do for a blog post.


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