Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh Holidays

Since I've been blogging, I have a record of when it hits.  Last year, the bug hit November 17th, and by the 18th I had cracked & Christmas was up in my house.  Now it's October - an entire month earlier - and I'm dying for Christmas.

This year won't be the same though.  This gal will be roughly 8 months pregnant at Christmas.  I have a feeling my 4 hour decorating spree & over the top Christmas look in my house won't happen this year because when I take it down I'll be even more pregnant!

That means no turquoise glittery giant reindeer...

No quirky elves...

No fabulous ornament wreaths...

or feather wreaths...

but the white tree will be up in all its glory with the reindeer pillows...

and I may just have to whip out glitter Jesus.  He is the real reason for the season!

Oh and I need some great gift ideas for a 3 year old boy and a nearly 5 year old girl.  They seriously never touch their toys & have everything their hearts ever desire - what in the world do you buy them??  I need help this year!


  1. I feel like we're opposites, last year I was not that pregnant, but I had no energy whatsoever to decorate. I'm looking forward to decking the house this year.

    Love your decorations and glad you showed them. Maybe since you'll be so far along, you'll be in nesting mode and will want to go all out again? Either way, congrats on baby Ollie! Love the name and can't wait to see how cute he is. :) Yay for babies!

    I'm starting my Help Me Wednesday party back up again and would love if you linked this up to get ideas on presents. Thanks again for your advice with the toddler room, it was SO helpful. I especially LOVE the idea of a shared bed. :)

    Whew, okay I think I've said enough, lol.

    Have a great day!
    -Ann Marie

  2. Why don't you recruit the troops aka your mom and sister to decorate for you? Just a thought, I would.

    Ok the dog licking the jelly beans, too funny! So did she keep eating them once she found out?

    I hope not!


  3. I have a feeling your mom and sisters will do it for you, you can just sit on the couch and direct....LOL!

    I always say I'm not doing much but then end up going all out!! We shall see this year.


  4. just like everyone else, i'm sure your sisters & mom will right this travesty :O)
    we're are trying to do experiences instead of items, for Christmas. planning fun trips to area attractions, family nights, etc.

  5. This is so funny I just had a thought about Aubrie today looking at my new American Girl catalog and yes I still get it even though my girls outgrew AG a while back, or maybe they haven't and that is why I continue to get it. If you don't have the catalog you must find one or borrow mine. There is a doll in this catalog that as soon as I seen her I thought that is Aubrie, wears glasses and I believe she is the type you can pick to look most like yourself. That is my suggestion to you for her! My girls soooo enjoyed AG for many years!

  6. We WILL be decorating with all the bells and whistles. Shame on you Scrooge- who raised you!!
    xoxo Mom

  7. I just found your blog and I'm hooked because of glitter Jesus! Love it! =)


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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