Friday, October 15, 2010

A MUST read for parents!

I read something very powerful recently & had to share it.

Please take the time to read it if you read nothing else today.  For anyone that is a parent or wants to be a parent - this Dad is very right.  It's hard with the busy lives that we have to make time or make the time we have special with our kids, but we all need to work on it - me included. 

Everything he said about being a Dad is true.  Great Dads raise great children who are motivated and sure of themselves.  Great dads raise children who know how to treat others & how important their role in their marriages is.  Even more importantly, great dads raise children that know how to be great parents themselves.

I was blessed with amazing parents, and trust me they are just the best.  If Jade & I do half the job they did with me - we'll be great parents ourselves.  They knew how to discipline well, and that's also important, but they really knew how to love.  I'm a better wife & mother because the lessons they taught me, but more importantly how they themselves demonstrated love & parenting through their actions.

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  1. You made being a mom easy. It is a great job closely tied with job of grandma!


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