Sunday, August 1, 2010

Swagger Wagon

It's not like I'm rocking Mom jeans.

But we did buy a Swagger Wagon on Saturday - if you haven't seen that commercial you MUST you tube it now. 

We decided a van was best for our growing family & we are thrilled with the van we found.  It was a great deal & I absolutely am loving it!!  It's going to be a huge improvement over the Jeep with baby #3 arrives in February. 


  1. I always loved my mini van when the kids were small. In fact last week we rented a Grand Caravan to drive to my MIL's funeral. It was so nice and sleek and I remember those days! Best wishes with the new bundle of joy arriving sooner then you think!
    Great new wheels! Hugs Anne

  2. Yeah!!!! As I said on your earlier post, minivans are the BOMB for growing families. I bet you are loving it as are the kiddos!


  3. You crack me up! Are you going to blast Snoop Dog when the kids aren't with you????

    Missed you this weekend...



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