Friday, August 20, 2010

An Exciting Blog Day!

Wow!  I have two pictures of my home shown today on House of Turquoise.  I feel so honored & I have been loving the other rooms with turquoise that she is showing off!  My favorites are the studio right above my rooms because it's quirky and the children's bedrooms considering I'm redoing two kids rooms soon.

Go check it out!  I'm excited!


  1. How cool is that ! I was featured this week too on Delightsome life - I was like a teenager squealing, I was so excited !!!!

    congratulations !!!!!

  2. I saw that you were featured! I recognized the kitchen right away. Neato - Congrats.

  3. How awesome is that?? It looks fabulous!

    Oh, and I have you a little blog award...check out my blog if you are interested. I am just spreading the love. If you are "anti-award" apologies. ;o)



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