Saturday, February 11, 2012

Help me please..

OK so last night I got an email after Ollie's party that Ollie's pictures have been taken from my blog and are being used on a website called Orkut.

From what I can tell and the little I learned on google it's a social networking site mainly in India & Brazil and a lot like Facebook.  They have used Ollie's pictures as their profile pictures.

I'm not sure that it's to be mean, but maybe a weird fascination with Down Syndrome or that let's face it's she is a very cute kid.  None the less - I need as many people to report it as possible to get it down.  Please help me.  And yes you must create an account before you can see these websites.

Yes, if I could find them I would beat the tar out of them, but alas I can't.

And I thought a lot about this last night.  Jade wanted me to shut down my blog because this is where they found my photos.  I just don't feel I can and here is why.

I truly believe the devil doesn't like the joy that kids like Ollie Faith bring to this world.

My blog advocates & educates people about Down Syndrome.  I'm trying to rid the world of ignorance when it comes to raising a child with a disability.  I'm trying to save lives, perhaps some Mom considering abortion will see my blog & choose life for her child - whether she keeps the baby or chooses adoption - it's still life.  I'm making a big impact on a lot of people & that gets the devil fighting mad.  He hates the fact that she has given people faith and hope.  He hates that perhaps someone found God because of her life.  He probably hates her.

But you know what, the devil can suck it.  Because I'm not stopping for him.


  1. I have been reading your blog ever since Pudge and Biggie led me to it. I've never commented but I am a huge fan. One of my daughter's best friends has DS, so your pictures bring back a lot of memories of their childhood (they both just turned 23). I really get a lot out of reading your blog...I have even gotten hooked on Shakeology thanks to you! All you have to do to protect yourself is add a copyright (watermark) on your pictures. I know it doesn't really add to the aesthetic quality of your photos, but for every instance someone uses a picture that you can claim ownership to via memory card, computer file can sue them and get $3,000 per photo. You really don't even need a lawyer, that copyright law is iron clad. Might be a great way to start a college fund right now.

  2. Annie, what a shame that someone has done this, but as Deanna says, the watermark may be the answer. Any of us who share pictures on the internet run the risk of someone using them in improper an fashion. I will go and report this incident and I hope we can all make a difference just as you have through your blog. So glad you decided to keep your blog. The good outweighs the bad. Ann

  3. This really sucks! I will help report it too.

  4. Just found out that my Cora has one too! I'll help you if you help me. And no, I'm not closing down my blog either. There are a LOT of Cora's blog friends that have similar sites right now. This kills me.

  5. Several of our other blog buddies are on there too ... I second the suck and and I am proud of you!

    We have had a few incidents, over the 4 years that I have had the blog, that have given me pause on whether or not I should go private and each and eveytime, I circle back to Zoey and the purpose and reason God sent her here to us all ... a message, of hope and faith. A source of inspiration and courage, for others, when they most need it. I am public and will remain so because God, has other plans!

    Your beautiful girl is blossoming into the most amazing little person ever! EVER!

  6. We got hit too:( I even watermark my pictures, but they cropped that part out of the picture. Only way to protect truly with the watermark is to cover faces and that just takes away from the point of it all.....sad world we live in. Will fight for Ollie too!

  7. Sorry to hear this! Your blog has blessed me, and I'll be praying for you and Jade as you continue to work out how to protect your fabulous kids while sharing your joy and faith with the world.

  8. How did you find out? I'm reporting it!

  9. Tried reporting but it just kept going in circles. Am I missing something? Created a profile but still no luck.


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