Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eradicating Down Syndrome...

How would you feel if babies with brown eyes were an issue.  If brown eyes meant those babies had more health issues.  If brown eyes meant those babies could possibly cost more government dollars because their medical issues.  How would you feel if the government mandated that there be a blood test on expectant mothers to see if their babies had brown eyes.  What if the abortion rate was 90% for babies with brown eyes & a vast majority of doctors lacked up to date knowledge or had outdated pre-conceived notions of what it meant to raise a baby with brown eyes.  What if you had one of those doctors that gave you old information & pushed termination?  How would you feel?

Seriously how would it make you feel?

It seems outrageous & like a yeah right made up conversation.  Do you think that wouldn't happen and that I made up some type of what if situation?  But - this IS happening.  This IS real life, but in the world of Down Syndrome.  They are going to government mandate the new blood test for Down Syndrome - why because the new test gives an absolute yes/no answer early in the pregnancy & quite frankly it is a test that they can test for.  The abortion rate is already 90% - where will it be soon?  Some countries are pushing for Down Syndrome to be eliminated by the year 2030 - think that over long and hard - can Down Syndrome be eliminated?  The answer is no, it can be aborted 100% of the time, but it can not be eliminated from happening.

They are calling this test & this mandate a preventative measure.  However, Down Syndrome CAN NOT be prevented.  Mammograms can provide early detection & prevention of breast cancer deaths, yet they are NOT included in this mandate - I find this offensive - do you?

THIS is no different then Hitler.  THIS is eugenics.

Don't get me wrong - Jade & I did an AFP test because we wanted to be informed & we had great doctors...but not everyone does.  We knew what Down syndrome was - not everyone does.  Where is the mandate for up to date information & counseling?

Seriously people - what is next?  Down Syndrome is easy picking because who advocates for them but their parents!  Put it into perspective - what if they start mandate testing for diabetes, breast cancer, autism.  What if Down Syndrome is eradicated?  It's not right!  And if I sound passionate about it, by golly I am - I'm rather pissed today about this topic - it's outrageous what the government can mandate! 

So I ask you to educate yourself here - know what is going on - be the change & share, share, share!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I can't say "amen" enough! I had to share your blog on mine…especially this post…hope you don't mind.

  2. This means that WE have to stand up and educate....which we are already trying to do.
    PS I love you!

  3. If it's any consolation at all, parents of children with Down Syndrome carry the brunt of speaking out, but you're not alone in this. None of my children have Down Syndrome, yet I stand with you. You have my prayers, my support, and my voice.

  4. Annie this boils my blood too! I wonder how we live in a world where a mandatory test for a ds diagnosis is not only accepted, but encouraged...and a termination of a baby with ds is casually endorsed by the medical community and therefore trusted as a solution by a significant portion of society. Where do we draw the line? How about children afflicted with allergies? Asthma? CF? Myopia? How about blue eyes and blond hair bc studies have proven children who have blue eyes blond hair suffer more frequently as adults from melonoma...the deadliest form of skin cancer. I'm with you. Most people would be shocked and outraged to suggest terminating a pregnancy ( ie. EXTERMINATING a HUMAN LIFE) bc of any of the previous conditions you and I have named...where is the outrage for children with DS? Frankly, I'm glad your angry and outspoken....may it encourage more of us to be and truly bring about a change in the atmosphere. Matthew 25:40

  5. This makes me angry! So now their giving mothers a choice to exterminate her baby if it's not perfect for her? Every baby is perfect. No matter what the situation is. No test is going to determine if I keep my child or not. When I was pregnant, I had a chance that my daughter may have CF, but that certainly didn't change how I felt for her one bit. I feel like society only wants perfect babies, not ones with health issues, because I guess maybe it's easier. Sad and disgusting. How are we supposed to give children the chance that everybody pushes for if we're just going to take their life away? Thanks for sharing.

  6. The government needs to stay out of this. Our politicos stand on their soapboxes bashing abortion and birth control, but apparently it's ok to abort babies with DS, why?? For their own good?? Seriously??? When it came time for me to take my AFP test, my doctor said I didn't have to. If aborting my baby because of a possibility of DS wasn't something I would consider, then why take it??? I thought that was refreshing to hear. I took the test, like you-just to be informed. You are right-it is Hitleresque and incredibly disturbing.

  7. Holy smokes that is just crazy!! Each and every child is a perfect gift from GOD!! This is all in Gods plan even baby that the world says we should not have!! Sooooo sad!! I have been Blessed with eight healthy kids but I satand with you!!! This world and gov is crazy. They have that shot that they want to give to young girls for std's why not teach to wait till married!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Thanks for sharing this info Annie. Your substitution of "brown eyes" made this more understandable to people who may not be able to relate. Prenatal testing should be done, but only for the purpose of educating the parents and learning if there are any issues that can be helped while in utero. Also, it should be the decision of the parents to have this testing done. The government needs to stay out of personal health issues. This is an issue for everyone to care about because it may be DS one day, but next it will be something else, and so on. Ann

  9. Your blog has been added to my own favorities. Great post with lots of information. Thanks for this article.


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